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Past Events

In case the users want to access all the past events, a completely new page needs to be created from the admin panel. The past event page enables a user to visualize and get details of the events that had taken place (occurred) in the past.

To add shortcodes for Past Events

  1. Log into Admin panel.
  2. Add a new page under the pages menu on the Dashboard.
  3. Mention the Page Title(Past Event).
  4. Mention the shortcode on the content section of the dashboard.

    wp event manager past events

  5. Preview and publish it on the website.

    wp event manager Preview and publish past events

The other way to add the code it through a functions.php file

  1. Login to the Admin Panel.
  2. Under the child theme, functions.php file, mentioned the shortcode mentioned below:
    	do_shortcode( '[past_events]' );
  3. Save it and you are good to go.

The Past Event Listings Shortcode Attributes

The following are the different attributes that are associated with the past event listings

  • per_page: Defaults to the ‘per page’ option in settings. This controls how many events get listed per page.
  • orderby: Supports title, ID, name, modified, parent, rand,event_start_date.
  • order: Defaults to ‘ASC’. Can be set to ‘ASC’ or ‘DESC’ to choose the sorting direction.
  • show_pagination: Defaults to false. Enable this to show numbered pagination instead of the ‘load more events’ link
  • location: Enter a location keyword to search by default.
  • keywords: Enter a keyword to search by default.
  • selected_datetime: Select the range of date & time to showcase particular event happening in that time frame.
  • selected_event_type: Comma separate slugs to select by default.
  • selected_categories: Use Comma to separate slugs(categories) to select by default.
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