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Frontend Event Dashboard for Organizer

Event organizers create an account on the website to post their event. To manage the event listings, WP Event Manager provides a Frontend event dashboard for the organizer to manage all their listings in one place.

Here, we will talk about the Frontend Event Dashboard.

To access the dashboard:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Go to Event Dashboard.

How to edit the submitted event?

To edit a submitted event:

  1. Go to Event Dashboard >> Edit
  2. Edit the event in the submission form that opens.
    WP event manager Frontend event dashboard

How to delete the submitted event?

To delete a submitted event:

  1. Go to Event Dashboard >> Delete
  2. Click Ok.
    WP event manager delete the submitted event

  3. The event is deleted.
    WP event manager event deleted

Sorting Events on Frontend Dashboard:

You can now sort the data on the frontend dashboard simply by clicking on the title, location, and start date. The data would sort accordingly.

WP event manager Sorting Events

WP event manager Sorting Events

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