How Indriappam Became A Powerful Ticket Selling Platform For Local Events

Indriappam Events
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Indriappam is an Austria based company that has created a platform for local event hosts in Sydney to list their events, manage registrations and issue event tickets with ease.

Key Features:
  • Event creating features.
  • Ticket selling features.
  • Registration management features.

Company description

Indriappam is an Austria based company that has created a platform for local event hosts in Sydney to list their events, manage registrations and issue event tickets with ease.

The idea behind the company was to help a community that regularly deals with festive, communal and charity events without a platform to support them. The founder Thomas Jacob shared that he, being a part of the community, started the service for a single event that gradually grew through word of mouth. It gained immense popularity within a short period of time and many businesses started listing their events on the platform.

Our journey began as a response to a community that regularly hosted festivals, communal events, and charity events without an online platform to support them. Being a part of the community, I initiated this service for a single event and gradually, through word of mouth, it gained popularity. As a result, more and more organizations began listing their events on our platform, allowing us to provide a valuable service to the local community.”

Inspiration behind the project

The Indriappam site was built to provide a centralized platform to help people discover local community events like festivals, fairs, live performances, fundraisers and more. The thing that sets Indriappam apart from others is the fact that they curate a comprehensive list of upcoming events making it more convenient for users to explore and participate in a diverse range of experiences within their local community.

The main objectives behind the project were the following:
  • To make it easy for people to find and discover events.
  • To create a centralized space for event organizers, sponsors and attendees where they can engage through events.
  • The project aims to facilitate a more seamless and rewarding experience for individuals seeking to engage with their local community in a meaningful and authentic way.

Why was Indriappam looking for an event management plugin?

The founder was looking for a simple and straightforward way to manage events, add bookings and create reports through the admin dashboard. Indriappam picked up WP Event Manager as it fulfills all these requirements.

Why did Indriappam choose WP Event Manager?

The founder was thoroughly impressed with WP Event Manager’s clean and modern look and its user-friendly features. It offered them the scope to add tickets with different criteria including pricing and seating arrangements. Mr. Jacob has also appreciated the support team of WP Event Manager that always makes sure that his website runs smoothly and efficiently.

“We chose WP Event Manager as our event management plugin because of its clean and modern look and user-friendly features. It allowed us to easily offer tickets with different criteria, including pricing and seating arrangements. The support provided by the WP Event Manager team was also exceptional, ensuring that our website ran smoothly and efficiently. Overall, we highly recommend WP Event Manager to anyone looking for a reliable event management solution.

Indriappam Events

Improvements that Indriappam noticed

Indriappam observed various improvements in its site and the founder is fully satisfied with what WP Event Manager has offered to it.

Here are the differences they noticed:

  • As Indriappam handles multiple events and bulk registrations, the Registration addon has helped them a lot in simplifying the registration process on the website. 
  • Secondly, they have experienced improvement in ticket sales of the events that were hosted on the website and also shared that the process of ticket selling and purchasing became easier than before.

The founder has also mentioned about some features that have helped him a lot in this project and that include the following:

  • The event creating feature.
  • Venue and organizer feature.

In a nutshell, Indrappam has found a perfect solution for its events platform with WP Event Manager.

The all in one plugin for creating events, managing registrations and taking in bookings. easy and straightforward.
Thomas Jacob, Ceo