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Find Out What’s New In WP Event Manager

At WP Event Manager, we prioritize user-experience before everything else and that is why we update our plugins on a regular basis. These updates offer better user-experience and add strength to our plugins.

Find Out What’s New In WP Event Manager

We have  updated two of our very popular addons named Sell Tickets and Mailchimp in the month of March and fixed all the bugs that were troubling our customers. 

WP Event Manager – Sell Ticket

1.8.19 [ 15th Mar 2023 ] 

Fixed: Sell ticket label visibility issues with WP Event Manager.

Fixed: The total ticket quantity display in the Order detail page was incorrect.

Fixed: The ticket name does not show up in the exported files.

Fixed: QR code is not showing in the pdf file in Namecheap hosting.

Fixed: Default ticket layout generating issue on setting page.

WP Event Manager – Mailchimp

1.0.1 [ 23rd Mar 2023 ] 

Fixed: Registration entries do not sync with the selected date format.

Fixed: Manual registration sync not working on the fronted side.

Fixed: Filter is not working in the sync registration section.

Fixed: Validation message is added to the Mailchimp setting option

Fixed: Improved text message for already connected is available.

Fixed: Data is not synced when the newly created option is selected.

Fixed: Subscribed field is missing in the guest’s option.

Fixed: The sync with MailChimp option is missing in the guest’s option.

Fixed: The MailChimp option is missing in the event details option on the front side.

Fixed: Cronjob is not working with the event base selection option.

Fixed: The event dashboard page warning error message issue is fixed.

Fixed: Mailchimp fields missing issue in the guest field mapping.

Fixed: When adding an incorrect MailChimp API key the input box is highlighted with validation.

Fixed: Predefined email is shown in the email text box issue.

Fixed: Organizer field mapping with MailChimp field at frontend section.

Added: Manual sync for the organizer at the fronted side.

Added: Enable & Disable option added in the registration/guest sync with MailChimp.

Find Out What'S New In Wp Event Manager
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