Event Management Plug-in to Skyrocket Your Website

Let’s begin by understanding what is Event Management Plug-in and their benefits. Plug-ins can basically be compared with mobile applications. Like these applications enhance your smart phone’s feature, similarly, Event Management Plug-in are individual pieces of software that allow you to install and add quality customizations to your WordPress website. It also lets you add a feature to your website which is relevant to your business.

WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager, an open source plug-in lets you operate several such functions on your original WordPress website in accordance to event listings and client’s requirements. The functionalities or features that the website fails to provide are the tasks that a plug-in can do for you!

Make your event management website changes the game and become a pioneer in the business by following the simple installation process for the Plug-ins. Not only will the website bring more business but also create an impactful brand value. Expect an enhanced online presence of your event management website with a lightweight, open-source, scalable and a fully equipped plug-in for event listing functionality in order to increase the user response and interaction to your WordPress website.

By using Event Management Plug-in you can build a website similar to Eventbrite or BookMyShow, which is interactive and user friendly. The Event Management Plug-in works in relevance to your event and functions to deliver an excellent user interface to your clients. You can customize the operations as per your business needs and watch your business transform majorly!

WP Event management Plug-ins promise:

  • SEO-Friendly and recognized by all search engines;
  • Compatible with all primary browsers and web standards;
  • Hassle free usage on all screens, such as laptop, mobile etc.

Install the WP Event Manager plug-in with few simple steps and discover the several ways in which it eases your work:

  • Convenience Guaranteed:

    With the familiar WordPress Interface, get started with creating, managing and categorizing events on your Website;

  • Search and Filter Option:

    The filter and search feature on the plug-in is based on Ajax which in return lets your visitors find the listings instantly;

  • Frontend Forms:

    Create, manage and classify event listings from the front end submission form available on the dashboard;

  • Developer friendly:

    With the combination of best practices create customization on the post types, endpoints and template files.

WP Event Management Plug-in assists you in various functions and increases the functionality and performance of your event portal by providing several add-ons to your website. Let’s understand some of the popular add-ons for your website:

  1. Registrations:

    The interested viewers to your website will find ease at registering for an event as a participant;

  2. Sell tickets:

    The Event tickets can run with WooCommerce on your website and will help in adding as many tickets as you want on the website and sell the tickets within your website for the event. The tickets can be displayed on your event page and it will automatically help in promoting your event. Besides, the selected users can sell the permit vouchers;

  3. Calendar:

    Creating an event listing is only half the job done, besides targeting your potential clients it is highly recommended to create an event calendar and display it on your website. With an exact listing of every forthcoming event this will help in keeping your audience updated with the upcoming events;

  4. Google Maps:

    The Google Map add on will elevate the convenience for your clients on another level. The Google Map Add on will navigate your user to the event location without any hassle.

    To know more about the Event Management Plug-in or the benefits it may bring for your website, click: https://wp-eventmanager.com/ or to get a consultation or answers to any other query contact them at: https://wp-eventmanager.com/contact/ . A chance to build an enterprise is only a click away!