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The latest Prominent Add-Ons Available on WP Event Manager

Plugins and Prominent Add-Ons are one of the integral elements of the WordPress ecosystem and play a crucial role in building websites through the portal. A plugin can basically be defined as a piece of software that contains a group of functions that can easily be added to any WordPress website. By adding the relevant plugins or Prominent Add-Ons, people can ideally add new functions to their WordPress websites, as well as extend its overall functionality. WordPress plugins are typically written in the PHP programming language and therefore tend to seamlessly integrate with websites. 

The Prominent Add-Ons Available For Wp Event Manager

WP Event Manager is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress.  This scalable, lightweight and full-featured event management plugin is incredibly useful for adding event listing functionality on any WordPress website.   With the help of this plugin people can ideally transform their WordPress website into an event management portal with just a few clicks.  This plug-in additionally quite easily to use, and hence people creating their website for the very first time would not face any problems in understanding the various elements of WP Event Manager.

WP Event Manager provides people with a host of incredibly useful & prominent add-ons which can ultimately augment the performance of their event portal to a great extent.

Here are some of the prominent add-ons for WordPress websites available on WP Event Manager:

  • Calendar:  With this people can display an calendar, as well as list upcoming events on their website
  • Google Maps: This enables proximity search on a website by integrating the feature of search through locations and maps
  • Colors: People can select a color for each of their event, as well as for the category of the event listing. They can even set the background color for every event type and its relevant category.
  • WooCommerce Sell Tickets: People can sell tickets for their events and also keep a track of them with WooCommerce and WP Event Manager. Multiple tickets can be easily created through this, which subsequently can either be redeemed or purchased during event submission.
  • Registrations: With the help of WP Event Manager, people can ideally allow interested attends to register for events on their WordPress website. These registrations can ideally be managed easily from the relevant event dashboard.
  • Embeddable Event Widget: The owner of the event listing (event organizer) can ideally generate an embed code which would display their listings wherever they use the code
  • Sliders: Through WP Event Manager, people can use owl carousel any other types of sliders for their event listings at a WordPress website.  All the sliders available here are fully responsive.
  • Contact Organizer: Even organizers can easily create a contact the organizer segment on their WordPress website via the contact form. They can even create their distinct email template for sending emails to the organizers.
  • Event Tags: With the help of short codes of WP Event Manager, people can easily add new event tags field to the submit process, as well as show events filtered by tag.
  • Google Analytics: WP Event Manager enables people to track their WordPress website using the latest Google Analytics tracking code. This would ideally allow them to view the important reports on their Google Analytics account.

To know more about WP Event Manager or to gain a better insight about how it can be advantageous for a website, click here: https://wp-eventmanager.com/

The Latest Prominent Add-Ons Available On Wp Event Manager
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