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We combine all our plugins for you to buy in a single package so that you can build a completely functional website at a lower cost. The virtual bundle package is our discounted offer for you to grab our plugins and run off selling event tickets right away.

Virtual Event Manager Pro 1 Site
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List of Addons Bundle

Turn your WordPress website into an event management portal with just few clicks.
Start hosting detailed and beautiful event listings.

  • wp-event-manager
    Turn your simple WordPress Website into a fully functional and feature rich event management website by embracing WP Event Manager plugin.
  • divi-elements
    Design your Events Page with your desired elements at your desired place using Divi elements that perfectly pair up with the Divi theme builder to offer you a familiar toolset
  • mobile-app
    Bring the entire event management process to your mobile phones with a fast, easy-to-use, and highly customizable Mobile App that offers a smooth event check-in facility through QR code scanning.
  • wp-event-manager-alerts
    Let your visitors decide if they want to track your events through alerts which they can easily manage with the help of a useful dashboard.
  • wp-event-manager-bookmarks
    Let your visitors find their favorite events on your website with just a simple click with the Bookmark functionality.
  • wp-event-manager-colors
    Highlight and differentiate one event type and category from another by adding different colors to them and driving the attention of your visitors towards your events instantly.
  • wp-event-manager-contact-organizer
    Let your users freely interact with the event organizers without any obstacles. No need to write code for forms or buttons or email notifications to send queries to the event organizer.
  • wp-event-manager-embeddable-event-widget
    Showcase your event listings from any corner on your website using the Embeddable Event Widget without using any complicated codes.
  • wp-event-manager-event-tags
    Help your organizers boost their events’ chances of securing a place in search results with Event tags. Include a new field named Event Tag in the submission form to tag events with related keywords.
  • wp-event-manager-export
    Easily transfer the events that are already added to your website with the Export Event Plugin.
  • wp-event-manager-google-analytics
    Keep an eye on how users interact with your website elements and measure the success of your events with the Google Analytics plugin.
  • wp-event-manager-sliders
    Amaze your visitors with a visually appealing and interactive event site and highlight the main content with powerful images.
  • wp-event-manager-google-recaptcha
    Protect your website from spamming by joining hands with Google ReCAPTCHA that filters spam entries to tighten the security of your website.
  • wp-event-manager-google-maps
    Help your attendees find your event location without any obstacle in the most colorful and prominent way with the Google Maps plugin.
  • wp-event-manager-calendar
    Add the strength of a useful calendar to your events and let your attendees know about your present and future projects in a beautiful Calendar in the most attractive way.
  • wp-event-manager-ical
    Now showcasing your events on Google Calendar has become easy with the combined power of WP Event Manager and the ICal plugin.
  • wp-event-manager-recurring-events
    Save your precious time and easily handle similar events with the Recurring Event plugin. No need to create each event individually as the future events are automatically generated with the plugin.
  • guest-list
    Classify your event attendees into various groups for better guest management in your events with the Guest List add-on
  • wp-event-manager-sell-tickets
    Smoothly sell your event tickets and distribute them amongst your attendees digitally. The Sell ticket plugin is all you need to accelerate your ticket sales and maximize your profit without any additional ticket processing charges.
  • wp-event-manager-registrations
    Say bye to the tiring and laborious process of handling registration and embrace the easiest way with the Registration plugin where your website visitors can register themselves as your event attendees. Manage an unlimited number of registrations through the registration dashboard without any hassle.
  • wp-event-manager-attendee-information
    Attendee Information add-on will offer you with a compilation of attendees information which attendees has to fill during the registration for the event. This plugin has the layout to let the visitors register for an event on your website and then let the admin/organizer know that a registration has been made.
  • wp-event-manager-woocommerce-paid-listings
    Create subscription packages on your WordPress website for event organizers and charge them through WooCommerce to maintain an uninterrupted flow of income.
  • wp-event-manager-stripe-split-payment
    Strengthen the base of your virtual business by offering organizers a smooth transaction experience with stripe split payment. Easily handle payments, collect commission from organizers in a secure environment using Stripe Split payment that allows users to stripe split their order payments.
  • name-badges
    Embrace the concept of voiceless introduction with WP Event Manager’s Name Badges plugin that helps your attendees identify each other in an event. Create customized badges for your event attendees to make it easy for them to connect to each other in an event.
  • wp-event-manager-zoom
    Easily conduct Zoom meetings or webinars directly from your WordPress dashboard that gets reflected on your front end with the Zoom plugin and let your users participate in these meetings with just a simple click.
  • expo-networking
    Quickly arrange network exhibitions, live events and more and offer your attendees a worthwhile experience in your virtual and in-person events by helping them build professional connections.
  • speaker-and-schedule
    Engage more attendees at your events by providing them with detailed information about speakers and their speech schedule in each event session.