Google Analytics

You cannot manage what you don’t measure. Google Analytics add-on adds the unique Google Analytics code across your website to measure events and interactions on your website. As a prerequisite, you need to have a Google Analytics account from where you can get a code.

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  • Analyze the Reports

    Analyze the Reports

    Analyse the traffic on the basis of various parameters such as location, gender, interests, age, language and etc.
  • Better Decision Making

    Better Decision Making

    Thorough study gives customized reports which reveal the performance of the website as well as what amendments need to be done.
  • Easy Integration

    Easy Integration

    Integrates with other tools such as google console accounts and google AdWords account thus enabling better campaign management.

Features You’ll Love

Play with numbers, check on graphs and analyze your traffic, enabling better decisions.

Add Google Analytics Code

Every Google Analytics user is given a code to implement on their website. The Javascript code tracks interactions such as hits, sessions, bounces for you to analyze and act upon to increase conversions and sales on the website. After receiving the code, one needs to paste this code on the admin panel in the Google Analytics tab present under the Event Listing settings.

Analytic Code at Footer

You need not add the code on all pages of your website. It’s daunting and a gross waste of time to do. Instead, the add-on attaches the code to the header/ footer of your site. This is enough to send data of all interactions on the website to Google Analytics for further analysis.

Google Analytics Dashboard

The Google Analytics dashboard further readily displays the pattern of traffic on the website. Have you had a peek of the dashboard offered by Google Analytics? Take a look at the image. You get this clear, data-savvy, comprehendible dashboard for free! All you have to do is implement the add-on on your website.