Name Badges

Name Badges plugin provides ease of an instant introduction allowing the guests to no longer appear as a stranger, by laying out beautiful and customized badges.

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  • Making Interaction easier

    Making Interaction easier

    Allow attendees to meet and greet one another with the help of custom badges to make your event even more spectacular.
  • Custom Badge Designs

    Custom Badge Designs

    Choose from different fonts, size, colour and alignment when designing the badges for a lasting impression.
  • On Demand Badge Printing

    On Demand Badge Printing

    A Faster and easy way to print beautiful event badges on demand.

Features You'll Love

Boost Professionalism, Confidence, and create accountability, using the Name Badge Plugin by allowing the organizers to create Badges for attendees.

Pre and On demand Badge printing

The Plugin provides a Pre-Badge Creating facility, where organizers can generate badges in advance to easily manage the event management process and avoid inconveniences during the entries, as well as an ON demand Printer facility, where organizers can generate badges on the day of the event using available wireless printers to avoid last-minute hassles.

Ease of Selecting Attendees to be printed

The plugin offers you to select all unique attendees or specific attendees for generating event badges. This allows the event manager to not only Pre generate the badges for everyone in the event but also generate badges for specific guests, thus building a more personalized guest experience.

Customizing Badges in accordance with ticket type

In the event industry, understanding and categorizing people based on the type of ticket they purchased becomes extremely difficult. Having badges customized for different ticket types generates personalized attention to similar ticket holders, easing the event management and handling process. One can have a different badge layout according to the ticket type (Paid/Free/Donation).

Determine Badge Sequence

The plugin allows the administrators as well as the organizers to define the sequence of badges to be generated. The different entry fields requested in the registration form become the basis for determining the sequence of badges. To determine the sequence, an attendee email or name, or perhaps the name of the organization, etc. can be used.

Select the Badge Style

You can select from a list of commonly used Avery badge label templates. You can select from predefined sizes that are compatible with standard Avery labels and Microsoft sticker label sizes. You can also enable the handy print cut line setting so that you can print the badges on regular paper/cardboard and cut them out with scissors or a guillotine instead.

Customizing Badge Layouts

Choose the size and shape of your badges, as well as which items you want to appear, such as names, email addresses, job titles, company names, barcodes, and so on. Once you've gathered all of the elements, you can change their order, font sizes, font style, and alignment on the badge.

Let your Name Badges Socialize

An event is all about networking and socializing and when people are unknown, having a name badge enhances this process of networking. Name badges provide quick at-a-glance name recall, making it easy to remember someone's name and make new acquaintances. They are also useful for group discussions and team-building when people haven't yet met.