Export Events

Easily transfer the events that are already added to your website with the Export Event Plugin.

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Features You’ll Love

Transfer and backup your events with specific details.

Export CSV

Export CSV

Transfer and backup your events through a CSV file.

Selected  Fields

Selected Fields

Select the information that you would like to back up like custom fields, meta keys etc.

Ensuring Backup and Portability

Effortlessly move your events from one site to another

Events Dashboard
Easily download all your listed events on the Event Dashboard.
Export Options
Choose either the default settings or the custom option to download your event details.
Custom Fields
Customize your backup to download specific event details using the Custom Fields.

Empowering Every Event

Make your events stand out with us.

Academics & Classes
NGO & Charities
Virtual & Online Events
Concerts & Parties

Transfer your academic events’ data without any trouble using the Export events plugin.

Keep the details of your Charity and fundraising events safe with the Export Events plugin.

Download either specific or all your Community Events details using the Export Events Plugin.

Manage your Virtual events more efficiently with the data backup and portability facility of the Export Events plugin.

Get the ultimate peace of mind by safeguarding your concert details with event data backup and transferring options.

Export Events Features

Easily back-up specific event details based on your choice.

Export events

Move your events through a useful button that is present both on the frontend and backend of each event page.

CSV Export Type

Select either the default setting to download all your event information or the custom option to download only the customized details.

Choose to export Meta key values or custom Fields

Export either all the custom fields/values/data of your events or the limited ones, the choice is yours.

Select event details

Either download all the event details or select specific details to download before exporting events.

Select event organizer’s details

Choose particular information about the organizer from the form fields.

Select venue details

Mention specific areas that you want to know about the venue.


 Export Events

Export Events

The Export Events add-on places an important and useful button on the frontend as well as on the backend of the All Events page. You can download all listed events on the Events Dashboard by clicking on Download Events CSV.

Export Events Options

Export Events Options

The plugin offers individuals with two different options for downloading the event file. The default settings allow you to download all the information, whereas the custom option allowing to download customized details only. You just have to fill in the suitable information from the admin panel control for this feature and then export particular event categories in a CSV format file.

Export Events With Custom Fields

Export Events With Custom Fields

Using the default settings, you can download all event data at once using our Event Export plugin. However, you can also customize your backup in such a way that only selected events of information are downloaded in the CSV file. To select the type of export you want to implement (default/ custom), choose one from the export type dialogue box.

Default Export Settings at Admin Panel

Default Export Settings at Admin Panel

you can export all data using the default settings. The default settings are set to download all data from your event management website. If not, you can choose to include the fields that are absolutely necessary for your backup and let go of those that aren’t really adding any value to your business. In short, using the default settings in the Export Events plugin you ensure that all data is safely backed up on a CSV file, irrespective of the type of information.

Custom Export Settings at Admin Panel

Custom Export Settings at Admin Panel

With a three-step process, you can download all data from the website. By adding this to the bandwagon of the plugins already-in-use, a new tab, namely, Export is added to settings in the WP admin panel. Using the options, you select and control which categories of data you intend to export to the CSV file. you can set event export type either event with meta key and value or specific column fields.