Contact Organizer

The add-on creates a form of users to contact event organizers without any frustrations. The add-on saves you from writing code for forms and buttons and for email notifications to appear for your event organizers when they are contacted for queries.

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  • Contact Form

    Contact Form

    Users can contact organizers with a form.
  • Email Notification

    Email Notification

    Organizers receive emails almost instantly.

Features You'll Love

Coordinating with the ultimate organizers of the event is now an easier task.

Contact Form

Visitors always enjoy seamless communication with their facilitator. Contacting organizers should be extremely easy and should be instantly gratified. If not, they may bounce off to your competitor’s website where the same event is listed and are offered a better communication experience. The add-on offers a contact form that contains fields where users provide the necessary details that are included in an automated email sent to the event organizer. Communication is key which can be implemented through this add-on.