Contact Organizer

Let your users freely interact with the event organizers without any obstacles. No need to write code for forms or buttons or email notifications to send queries to the event organizer.

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Features You'll Love

Connect with Event Organizers with ease.

Contact Form

Contact Form

Users can get in touch with organizers through a form that contains multiple fields to provide their details.

Email Notification

Email Notification

Organizers instantly receive email notifications sent by the users.

Directly Contact Organizers

Bridge the communication gap between users and organizers

Reach out organizers easily
Contact Organizer offers a smooth method to get in touch with organizers.
User info
It offers users a contact form with multiple field to fill up with their details.

Empowering Every Event

Make your events stand out with us.

Academics & Classes
NGO & Charities
Virtual & Online Events
Concerts & Parties

Give learners the opportunity to interact with the Academic event organizers freely.

Boost the success of your fundraising initiatives and other non profit events with Contact Organizer.

Strengthen the bond you share with your community members by offering them a smooth way to interact with the community event organizers.

Offer an amazing user experience by letting them freely interact with your event organizers through emails with Contact Organizer.

Use the Contact form to know your users and let them get in touch with the party organizers easily.

Contact Organizer Features

Let your visitors get in touch with the organizers without any obstacle.

Easy setup

Setting up the Contact Organizer plugin is very easy as it does not require any coding expertise.

Direct communication with Organisers

Let your users contact the organizers directly and maintain a smooth flow of communication.

Great user experience

Give your users an amazing experience by helping them interact with the organizers easily and solve their queries.

Customised Form Fields

The contact form contains custom fields where users provide the necessary details that are included in an automated email sent to the event organizer.


Contact Form

Contact Form

Visitors always enjoy seamless communication with their facilitator. Contacting organizers should be extremely easy and should be instantly gratified. If not, they may bounce off to your competitor’s website where the same event is listed and are offered a better communication experience. The add-on offers a contact form that contains fields where users provide the necessary details that are included in an automated email sent to the event organizer. Communication is key which can be implemented through this add-on.