Google Recaptcha

Google Recaptcha is for protecting your websites from spamming. You can use the Google Recaptcha plugin for inducing more safety in your event registering site.

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  • Ease of Use

    Ease of Use

    A lightweight plugin with a simple but effective solution to fight spams.
  • Secure Event Submission

    Secure Event Submission

    The captcha distinguishes people from robots, hitherto securing your website from spam comments and submissions.

Feature You’ll Love

Get a double check on the person submitting the event listing by incorporating the Recaptcha feature.

ReCaptcha at the Event Submission Page

In order to protect your website from all spam attacks and brute force attacks, Robots thronging your website, spam comments exacerbate the efficiency and performance of the website and easily enable a Google Recaptcha on the events submission page.

Error When User Failed

When a user fails to give an appropriate response to the captcha, the access to submit the form is denied. Users get an innumerable amount of trials to get the captcha right.

Add Recaptcha Keys at Admin Panel

To enable reCaptcha, you will need to acquire your reCaptcha key from Google. On registering at this link you will be provided with a reCaptcha site key and Recaptcha secret key. You can insert this key by logging into your admin panel and activate your reCaptcha service for your website.