Now Elegantly Move Your Live Performances Online

Almost everybody nowadays is fully aware of the importance that digital media brings with it. With the technological advancements and the availability of internet resources to maximum areas and people, online events get more popularity through Live Performance.

2020 marks the rise in virtual events, and many factors play their role in raising the need for events to Live Performance. According to the study by the Events Industry Council (EIC), in the first three months of 2020, online business events contributed $1.5 trillion to the worldwide economy.

Move Your Live Performances Online

How to manage online events?

Managing an online live performance starts with a digital advertisement and choosing the platform to arrange an online facility for the audience.

Now, before going live performance, few steps are compulsory for any event organizing agency. It includes getting a platform from where they can advertise an event, register the participants, notify them as required, let them buy the tickets if needed, and many other things too.

What platform can be beneficial?

This is a question of interest for almost every reader. Well, most of you are aware of WordPress and those who are not aware of the WordPress framework, we recommend them to do some research about the platform.

WordPress is contributing a huge number of shares when it comes to calculating how many websites are based on WordPress. This is because of its flexibility, reliability, availability of thousands of themes, and the most important one is the availability of thousands of plugins.

How will WordPress be beneficial?

Well, WordPress is easy to deploy and easy to understand. So, these characteristics will make it easy to operate. Creating an event management website is a critical thing because of the feature that incorporates to become a well-organized website. WordPress is offering much flexibility and ease in organizing the event management website.

As far as the functionalities of an event management website are concerned, there are hundreds of plugins available with different features related to event management.

Is there any plugin that is one for all?

Those who are looking to get all solutions under one umbrella can get a WordPress Event Manager Plugin. It has all the necessary functionalities with a free version. To create a more advanced event management website, WP Event Manager Plugin offers numerous Add-ons, each with a particular function including registration, event calendar, sell tickets, and innumerable others to count.

Why Wp Event Manager Plugin?

Why WP Event Manager Plugin?

As we are concerned about how to move our live performance online and for that, we need a platform that allows us to make a digital advertisement, sell tickets online, and gather the audience online to attend the events.

For that, WordPress is offering a solution to create an event management website. Now for that, WordPress Event Manager Plugin will complete the functionalities of the site and let us list the online events and to live performance.

Listing online events is one of the essential features that WP Event Manager Plugin is offering.

What we get by moving events online through the events web pages?

An events web page is used to promote a specific activity, be it meetings, parties, forums, conferences, among other events. It is an Internet site where those interested can obtain valuable information about what the event is about and contact the organizers directly, establishing feedback with them.

Nowadays, where all people are increasingly connected through the Internet, it is essential to make correct use of the technological tools that are nearby to promote all the events that take place. It is an exciting and simple way to reach such a diverse and increasingly demanding audience.

Specific Advantages Of Moving Events Online

Specific advantages of moving events online?

  1. Target Bigger Audience

    If before you could not reach your entire audience due to geographic or availability issues, now with online events you can do it, as long as you plan the event online in advance (just like in an event, you should invite your audience to reserve a space). There is no doubt that live performance removes the communication barriers imposed by distance.

  2. Increase Scope

    Very in tune with the above, online presence increases the scope of your event, making it much easier to achieve the communication objectives of your client. Remember, as long as you plan every detail of the broadcast, you can reach a more significant number of people interested in the event.

  3. Inexpensive Live Performance Events

    Something that we like, especially when the event budget is limited: managing events online is not expensive. Unlike the year before, it is no longer necessary to make significant investments in devices to be able to transmit.

    Thanks to advances in technology and the Internet, which was once an exclusive resource for large brands, you can now implement it in any company’s communication strategy. Anyway, we always recommend the use of expert personnel, since you need a team that does not improvise and knows how to anticipate any eventuality.

    You want it to be perfect, right? Take advantage of WP Event Manager Plugin!

  4. Real-time Feedback

    The immediate feedback that we can have during an online event or live performance is invaluable for the client since they will be able to know in real-time what their audience thinks about the event and its content. Keep in mind that, generally, if the broadcast works like a charm, the feedback will be positive; therefore, avoid problems and plan the event online, taking all necessary precautions.

  5. Better Conversion Rate

    The mere fact of putting a face on your company and that your audience can get to know you increase the conversion rate of your products or services. Experience has taught us that it is entirely feasible to convince a potential client through a live performance or live video but to achieve this, do not forget to transmit trust and closeness.


If you are one of those who are planning an online event for live performance, whether it is for business promotion or general awareness, you are going to need a considerable number of participants. To allow most of the potential audience to attend the event, the only way that you can do is to move your performance or event online.

For that, you need a website and a WP Event Manager Plugin, and the plugin will cater to the rest of the things with little configurations as per your needs.

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