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A quick look to our product updates

WP Event Manager announces major product updates for you to strengthen our products and user experience. Through these updates we ensure that we are constantly working on getting better and better with each passing day.

A quick look to our product updates

Take a look at the changes and improvements that your favorite plugins have gone through:

1. Guest List

  • Improved guest list icon. 
  • Improved guest group. 
  • Improved event dashboard designs. 
  • Improved guest mails. 
  • Improved guest content.

2. Mobile application

  • Improved user experience.
  • Improved the offline mode functionality.
  • Redesigned user interface.
  • Worked on the event listing experience. 
  • Updated navigation.
  • Worked on the quick access settings.

3. Alert

  • Improved the design of the Alert me button. 
  • Improved the final step design. 
  • Improved the placeholder in Alert form. 
  • Improved the page set up design.
  • Worked on the duplicate Alert notice problem.

4. Divi elements

  • Improved Divi Elements settings. 
  • Improved event listing views with Divi Elements. 
  • Improved calendar view with Divi Elements. 
  • Divi Element functionality from the backend. 
  • Worked on event listings with Divi Elements
  • Worked on duplicate banner issue divi elements.

5. iCal

  • Improved downloading experience.
  • Improved compatibility with Elementor.
  • Worked on iCal location. 
  • Worked on ICS data issue. 
  • Worked on translation.
  • Worked on iCal file.

6. Contact organizer

  • Improved coding structure and added appropriate comments. 
  • Worked on the multi select field box.
  • Worked on JS and CSS tweaks.

7. WP Event Manager

  • Improved event visibility.
  • Improved WP Event Manager login experience. 
  • Worked on the field display. 
  • Worked on language translations. 
  • Solved various issues on the event details page
  • Worked on the registration form. 
  • Worked on the post an event page section.
  • Elementor issues resolved. 
  • Worked on the event organizer page. 
  • Worked on the event venue page. 
  • Worked on the event submission form. 
  • Worked on the event details page.
  • Worked on ticket display and ticket description areas. 
  • Worked on the single event details page.
  • Worked on the event duplication problems.
We hope these updates will improve your experience with us.
A Quick Look To Our Product Updates
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