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WP Event Manager Plugins are Now Better, Stronger and More Convenient

At WP Event Manager, our plugins get frequently updated to ensure that our users do not face any issues while using our plugins. Each update comes with major plugin improvements along with bug removal and new feature additions.

WP Event Manager Plugins are Now Better, Stronger and More Convenient

This month some of our popular premium plugins and the core plugin have gone through updates which we are going to share with you in this article in detail.

WP Event Manager – Alert = 1.2.6 [ 16th August 2023]

Fixed : The responsive mode display is now working properly.

Fixed : Added the required space to the alert field in the responsive mode.

Fixed : The disable icon button is now working properly. 

Fixed : The issue related to creating a new alert is now resolved. 

Fixed : The problem of blank page display after creating a new alert is now fixed. 

Fixed : Side menu can now be seen when editing an alert.

Fixed : After updating the alert data then an update message is displayed.

Fixed : The event title name issue with apostrophe ” ’s ” symbol is resolved.

Fixed : Problem related to Alert name symbol display is resolved. 

Fixed : Actions name on hover icon button is displayed now. 

Fixed : The issue of creating the same events multiple times is fixed.

Fixed : Problem concerning the alert mail icon is fixed.

Fixed : Event alert frequency is now saved.

Fixed : Alert page title name is updated.

Fixed : Language translation issues.

Added : Pagination added for my alert page.

WP Event Manager – Export = 1.3.6 [ 16th August 2023]

Fixed : Issue of deleting export data from wp_options is fixed. 

Fixed : Language translation issue is fixed.

Added : Export XLS File feature is added.

WP Event Manager – Google Map = 1.8.7 [ 16th August 2023]

Fixed : Language Translation issue in the Google Map addon.

Fixed : The issue of the removal of plugin data from the options table in the database is resolved.

Added: Short codes of addon can now be displayed in a list form.

WP Event Manager – Recurring Event = 1.4.5 [ 16th August 2023 ]

Fixed : Issue related to showing a notice for all the action on the admin side is now fixed.

Fixed : Duplication of recurring events on an automation basis from frontend as well.

Fixed : After deleting a plugin, fields are available in the Post_meta table.

Fixed : All the default recurring fields are available on the post an event page.

Fixed : Language translation issue is fixed.

Fixed : Recurring event start, end date, and banner are now visible.

Fixed : Deleted child events are now available in the trash tabs.

Added : In the backend added the Delete Data On Uninstall option.

WP Event Manager – iCal = 1.1.4 [ 16th August 2023 ]

Fixed : Event start and end time related issue is fixed. 

Fixed : Event time is now properly synchronized. 

Fixed : Issue related to event creation with only start date is resolved now. 

Fixed : Time in the iCAL file is displayed properly.

Fixed : Translation issue of the Ical tooltip is resolved.

Fixed : Predefined email is no more shown in the email text box.

Fixed : Description is displayed in the calendar.

Fixed : No error is displayed on the event dashboard.

Fixed : Language translation issue fixed.

WP Event Manager – Color = 1.0.2 [ 16th August 2023 ]

Fixed : The color value is now deleted from the database once the colors plugin is deleted. 

Fixed : Translation issue is fixed for colors plugin.

WP Event Manager – Bookmark = 1.2.3 [ 16th August 2023 ]

Fixed : Translation issue is fixed for the bookmark plugin.

Fixed : Error notice is no more displayed on the install bookmark plugin.

Fixed : Meta field format related issue in the Wp_options table is resolved.

Fixed : Text rectified for bookmark setting option.

Fixed : Bookmark setting title and description should be proper on the admin side.

WP Event Manager – WooCommerce Paid Listings = 1.1.5 [ 16th August2023 ]

Fixed : Paid listing setting tab first letter is capitalized.

Fixed : Event listing limit option related issue is resolved. 

Fixed : Zoom with WooCommerce Paid Listing.

Fixed : Issue related to selecting unlimited packages has been resolved.

Fixed : Without a purchase package, In your Packages section Package is available.

We hope that these updates and improvements will benefit our users and their experience of working with us.

Wp Event Manager Plugins Are Now Better, Stronger And More Convenient
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