Optimize Your Calendars for Online Event Instantly

Brands need to show their presence to the public. Why would businesses do that? Because they want to bring loyal customers. Similarly, for event management agencies, their success relies on the audience they get for their events which may be offline/online events. Do you wonder why some events have more attendees, and others have very few?

According to Event MB, 91% of the event management professionals are concerned about the increasing engagement of their events. The point to ponder is how they managed to get massive public attention to their events?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes events get canceled because of very few attendees?

There might be specific strategies that event managers adopt to attract the public and get more registered attendees.

Marketing, no doubt, is one of the best methods to gain attraction, but it’s costly, and sometimes it does not work because we do not implement it in the right way every single time.

The problem is simply that many of the event organizers are facing, and that is how to let people know that there is an online event that meets their interests?

Do you want a solution?

Having an “Event Calendars” for your online events is an ultimate solution. You want to know how it can help you to get more attendees for your online events. Keep reading!

The solution becomes simple with the advancements in technology. All you need is to list your events and put them on a calendars for online events to let the audience know about your events compactly in one place and beautifully represented.

Then let the public know the events through the event calendars and advertise them a few weeks before the event gets started. This will help them to gather their things before an online event happens.

One-Step Solution For Online Event

People will mark the events as interested and get registered on your website in advance. Have you seen Facebook has integrated this feature and advertise the upcoming events on the news feed of users as per their interests?

You can embed your event calendars on different websites, even on Facebook, too, and promote them on the social networks to get more attention.

The key element is to have an Event Calendars with all your events listed and promote it on popular channels to let it reach the maximum targeted audience and BOOM! Your events will get a new hype among the potential audiences that will become attendees for your online events.

Why have a calendars for online events?

The elementary answer to the simple question “Why people do not attend events” is “Because they don’t know about the event”.

How to let people be aware of events?

Only by engaging the audience before the event happens and for that Online Event Calendars is solely a useful tool.

Letting the audience be aware of events in advance is one of the successful strategies that organizers follow where you have noted a tremendously increasing number of attendees.

What Important aspects Shall You Consider?

We wanted you to know the crux part of the whole blog by simply elaborating on what reasons you must need the Event Calendars.

It’s the only thing that brings all of your planned events in one place. You have multiple events in the same month, week, or days users can get a summary of every event that you are going to organize through the event calendars. Isn’t it a good thing that the audience can have all the information in one place? Because who wants to search and read event-related information? People are used to having information displayed with graphics and in a compact design.

What is calendars optimization?

Events Calendars optimization is done through the integration of several features to your online event calendars. The calendars must be very appealing to engage the audience. Making an interactive look for your online event calendars is critical, as it is the first thing that attracts the audience.

Calendar Optimization For Online Event

How to optimize the event calendars?

Another critical part of optimizing the online event calendars is to allow the categorization of events that help the audience to view only relevant events.

By that means, you offer an interactive way to get the desired information from the calendars, and people like easy ways to get information. This can be a “Powerful call to grab a person as your customer.”

To get notified when an event happens is a big opportunity that you can give to the customers to get rid of remembering what events they have to attend. Many times it has been observed that people miss online events because they don’t remember that they have to attend any.

Always provide a way to create ease for the customer.

They like to be treated that way. After all, they are the reason for your auspicious events.

From where can you get a calendars feature for an online event website?

After getting to know the importance of having an event calendars for online events, you must be wondering how you can avail of its benefits?

Don’t rush to design event calendars for your online event management website when you can avail of different versions already available in the market.

WordPress can be helpful

If you have a WordPress website, it’s a piece of cake having an integrated Event Calendars for your online events.

There are a variety of plugins available on a WordPress that offer event calendars. Most of them are free, and few versions are paid and provide more features to the customers.

One of those plugins which are getting a lot of popularity is the WP Event Manager Plugin, which is also offering an Event Calendars add-on.

Wp Event Manager

Including WP Event Manager and other available plugins, the purpose of their Event Calendars add-on is to allow the organizers to let people know about the events in advance.

By that, there are more chances to have a greater number of attendees than the advertising event right before it happens.


Getting the attention of potential customers that can be your attendees for online events is a difficult task. However, it can become more straightforward with a few considerations.

Among all other strategies, the one we recommend is to let the users know about your events in advance.

For that, Event Calendars are all you need, and the success rate depends on how you have optimized your event calendars and how you let it interact with the audience.

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