6 Venue Marketing Tips To Quickly Increase Ticket Sales

Whether you are a venue owner or a manager, it’s a tricky business. It is often crowded yet often deserted. The business can suddenly take off if the marketing bit is done correctly. To make that happen, you need the best venue marketing tips that will not only market your place but also increase ticket sales.

The potential reach that comes with the right amount of marketing is unreal, as you already know. So without further ado, let’s dive right in and see what the best venue marketing tips and practices are.

Venue Marketing Tips

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An events website

The first step in any list of venue marketing tips you will find is to create a user-friendly events website that you can use to market your venue. This is more of a step than a tip because it’s the way to success. Your website must have a medium where guests, clients, and partners can visit and see anything they want.

Read the below venue marketing tips to take your events website to the next level.

Venue Marketing Tips

1. Optimization is the key

Without optimization, nothing can thrive on the internet. In the world of digital media and consumption, optimization is the key to unlock maximum potential. If you have an events website, try optimizing it for it’s maximum and optimal use. Make sure it loads quickly, and nobody has any issues with your website.

Try using plugins and themes which are pre-optimized, so they don’t ruin your users’ experience by slowing down anything. One of the best plugins that can be used for this is the WP Event Manager and its add-ons. Lastly, speed up your website, keep it user-friendly, avoid extra features on main pages that could slow down or clutter everything, and keep track of the essential pages.

2. Get your Events Calendar to do the work

If you didn’t already know this by now, let us tell you that an Events Calendar is vital to your venue marketing tips and success. Set it up using the WP Event Manager’s Event Calendar add-on on your website and make use of the impressive facility at hand.

3. Understand your visibility

Understand how visible you are on the internet and how popular your brand is. Make use of that information. One of the most important venue marketing tips is to use your reach, but the first step is to understand how further you can dream.

4. Of course, social media

Might be the most important part of the puzzle, the one that makes everything stick together. Social media’s reach is unparalleled. We cannot stress this enough. Make use of your network and social accounts.

Every social platform offers you the option to advertise using their pre-built tools. One of the most powerful tools you can find is the Facebook Ad tools as they cover not only Facebook but also Instagram. You will be surprised by how effective they are.

Venue Marketing Tips

5. Check out your competitors

One of the most successful venue marketing tips, or any other list of tips for that matter, always take note of what your competitors are doing. See what makes them successful at what they do. And try to make use of that information to increase your ticket sales.

6. Simplify the sales process

For most customers, what matters is that the sales process is as simple and quick as possible. No potential customer should go from your website without buying the tickets for your events. Keep the sales process and payments option viable for everyone.


Now that we have covered the best venue marketing tips that will help you set up a top-notch marketing strategy, you can make use of it, however, you want. Use your knowledge alongside our expert venue marketing tips and you will what wonders you can do with the right set of tools, an awesome strategy, and optimized plugins.