10+ Amazing WordPress Statistics And Facts that Change everything

WordPress is a self-hosted website content management system (CMS) that provides development, hosting, domains, and all other website-related services. By far, the best and the fastest platform out there, WordPress is the most useful tool for any web developer or designer. If we talk about WordPress statistics and facts, 35% of all websites are powered by WordPress and its system.

That’s pretty crazy, right?

There are some equally crazy, if not crazier, WordPress statistics and facts that you should definitely know about.

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10+ WordPress Statistics And Facts that Change everything

1. Not a company

WordPress was introduced in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Written in PHP, WordPress’s potential was huge from the first few years, but Matt Mullenweg made sure that WordPress doesn’t function as a company and is not owned by any company either.

There is no CEO or company structure. A group of volunteer developers all over the globe is responsible for the brilliant content management system that we use today.

2. The Prime CMS Website Market Share

We already mentioned that 35% of all websites are powered by WordPress but it doesn’t stop there. One of the most impressive WordPress Statistics and Facts is that WordPress has a market share of almost 62% in the content management systems online. It has been the most popular and widely used CMS Website for a long time, and it won’t be dethroned anytime soon.

3. Big-name brands understand the power of WordPress

Some of the largest companies in the world like Facebook, Vogue, Walt Disney, and others trust WordPress and understand the power of it. The WordPress potential is through the roof.

4. Took incredible effort and code

WordPress Statistics And Facts

WordPress, as you see today, was not easy to build. According to Open Hub’s Project Cost Calculator, over $10 million was spent on building WordPress, and over 718,000 lines of code were written to make it what it is today.

5. The improvement never stops

WP Websites constantly see updates with the version updates from WordPress. Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has seen over 401 updates that bring new features and security patches.

6. The sheer amount of WP Websites built every day

WordPress is the fastest-growing content management system CMS for over 7 years now and the growth isn’t halting. Over 770 new websites are created daily that are powered by WordPress. To put that into context, the second-fastest growing CMS is WooCommerce, which is also powered by WordPress.

7. WordPress started as a blogging platform but is so much more now

While initially started as a blogging platform, WordPress didn’t narrow down its potential but instead turned attention to providing other services and products including several popular plugins like Akismet, Gravatar, BuddyPress, and the most important one, WooCommerce.

8. Millions use WordPress every day

One of those mind-boggling WordPress facts is that there are millions of people who are using WordPress every day, and in fact, this very minute.

9. The most customizable CMS platform right now

WordPress Statistics And Facts

The major reason why nobody could ever compete with WordPress in terms of content management was the sheer number of plugins that WordPress had in its marketplace. If we strictly talk about the number of plugins in the marketplace, WordPress statistics and facts find out that there are at least 55,000 plugins available right now that you can download and use in an instant.

10. The WordPress community that keeps giving

The community of WordPress is no slouch either. We find in our WordPress statistics and facts that there already have been over 1055 WordCamps that have taken place all over the world. To add to that, they have spanned 75 cities in 65 countries on 6 continents. Matt Mullenweg organized the first WordCamp ever back in 2006 before things went crazy.

11. Vulnerabilities are there

WordPress is not a platform without its vulnerabilities. According to the WordPress statistics and facts, we find out there are over 18,000 vulnerabilities currently existing, with some related to the CMS itself while others are related to plugins or themes.

12. WordPress themes, an amazing feature

WordPress statistics and facts won’t be complete without talking about the amazing number of themes that WordPress has. WordPress won’t be complete without the thousands of themes that it has to offer, ranging from free to worth over hundreds of dollars.

13. Even the themes have thousands of lines of code

Every theme that you will find on the WP Websites is built using thousands of lines of powerful code that can change the entire look of any site. While the stock themes like TwentyEleven have around 5600 lines of code, heavier and customizable themes are built on more than 35,000 lines of code.

14. WordPress Developers can earn handsomely

WordPress developers can make a pretty decent living. With the help of PayScale.com, WordPress statistics and facts find out that the average amount a WordPress developer takes home every year is around $50k.

15. Spam exists, but can easily be handled

WordPress Statistics And Facts

Spam exists everywhere, whether it’s social media or WP Websites, but you can easily handle it at the click of a button in WordPress using plugins. To put things into context, Akismet spam blocker, blocked its 1 billionth spam in 2013 while nearing the number to 100 billion nowadays.

16. WordPress and SEO

Some WordPress features and plugins make SEO so much easier. According to WordPress statistics and facts, Yoast is one of the most useful and most downloaded SEO plugins that make it incredibly easy to deploy basic SEO on your website and get your site ranked quickly without having to get too technical.


WordPress is by far the most common term when it comes to content management systems, web development, and web plugins. Without WordPress, the digital world won’t be what it is today. It continues to grow, improve, and become even better as evidenced by the impressive WordPress statistics and facts.

As you saw in the most interesting things to know about WordPress, it keeps giving back to the community and improving the internet for the better by providing everybody with easy access to all the important tools and plugins.And about you, do you know how to use WordPress and how to explore its potential?