5+ Amazing Ways to Sell More Event Tickets Conveniently

Everyone wants their events to be successful. Event tickets play a huge part in the buildup to boost sales. Once you know how to market and manage your event, you will automatically be able to sell tickets much more than you anticipated.

The difficult part is not organizing the event but selling event tickets as effective ticket selling tips are scarce and most of the time, they don’t work. At the end of the day, it’s still up to you how well you do in all the aspects but here are the most effective event ticket selling tips that will help you boost sales.

When should you start selling tickets online?

In the world of the internet and the pandemic, events are happening online more than ever and the trend will only increase rapidly as the benefits are endless with the biggest advantage being that to save costs. Online event tickets are a norm nowadays so when should you start the process to sell tickets?

Facts speak when we say you should start event ticket sales ASAP. In the digital world, every view and impression counts. About 19% of buyers want to go for a connection with an event when they see it for the first time, especially if the event is of their interest. Start selling event tickets immediately to boost sales.

Since we have gotten the question of when to sell tickets online over, we are going to move to the tactics that are most effective to increase event ticket sales.

Ways to Sell More Event Tickets

How to increase event ticket sales?

Since we have gotten the question of when to sell tickets online over, we are going to move to the tactics that are most effective to increase event ticket sales.

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1. Sell tickets on mobile platforms.

More people use mobile phones than they ever used computers now. Smartphones are the number one ranked devices when it comes to digital shopping or internet usage. Google and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report that mobile usage drives or influences more than 40% of revenue in leading B2B companies. So we are not understating it when we say that if you want to boost sales of your online events, use platforms that are easily available on smartphones.

A good example of this is that WordPress users can take advantage of the excellent plugin offer and do it directly from their website. An example is the WP Event Manager add-on that you can download here. This add-on enables organizers to track tickets, schedules, and multilevel pricing. Furthermore, it reduces dependency on developers and eliminates the need for coding.

2. Create scarcity.

In today’s trend of exclusivity, everybody wants in. So, if you are planning to sell online event tickets, create scarcity. Exclusive ticketed events can be marketed in a way that can boost sales by up to 226%. You can use two methods, limited quantity to create exclusivity, and limited timed ticket sales. Both are effective methods to increase event ticket sales.

3. Start a referral program.

Event ticket sales are a tricky thing. If the ticket sales are pretty mediocre, you can introduce an effective referral program that will not only benefit you but also the people who are going to involve themselves in your program. You can increase up to 67% sales by introducing a referral program.

The most impressive part of any successful referral program is that people are more likely to listen to people they know personally than a random person from the internet. You can provide your speakers or employees with their own referral codes.

Ways to Sell More Event Tickets 2

4. Use email drip campaigns.

Email Drip Campaigns are much more effective than you might think. They can increase event ticket sales by up to 20% on average. But you can create massive potential because these campaigns are one of the best long-term strategies you can employ.

5. Social Media is the king!

Social media is the absolute king when it comes to selling anything online. It is the most effective platform where online business is conducted, almost as much as shopping platforms such as Amazon, AliExpress, and so much more. In fact, these online shopping giants use social media platforms to boost sales of their products and services.

That’s how crazy social media is these days. If you want to boost sales of your online events, you must employ social media and utilize it effectively. There are a few ways, listed below, that you can utilize social media correctly that you benefit from.

  • Make use of every networks’ strengths to increase viewership and impressions that you get on your posts. For example, stories on Instagram, tweets on Twitter, short videos on TikTok, etc.
  • Re-share posts and pictures of notable attendees or any attendees constantly to build up the hype.
  • Create contests to increase interaction with people. If possible, provide gifts for the winners as well.
  • If there are any notable speakers, use their profiles for increased awareness.

6. Promote using paid advertisements on social media.

Social media’s reach is unparalleled. Make use of it by spending a bit of your budget using intelligent marketing campaigns. They will be beneficial for your ticket sales.

7. Use WP Events Manager to increase event ticket sales

If you have a WordPress Website, the most useful tool that you have at your disposal is the WP Event Manager. Whether you use the free version or paid, if you are organizing an online event, there is no better plugin than the WP Events Manager. If you want to boost sales and organize online events, you will have a great time using this simple and effective feature-rich plugin on your website.

Ways to Sell More Event Tickets 3Get Sell Tickets Add-on Now

8. Feature video content.

Video content is, by far, the most useful and most interactive form of media on the internet right now because everyone loves watching videos. Make sure to create attractive content in a number of seconds that will help catch the user’s attention. Increase your event ticket sales using this simple, yet incredibly efficient form of media. Here you can see our video on how to install our online ticket sales plugin. This is a great way to promote your content and increase your sales campaigns.


So, there you have it. The 9 most effective tactics to start selling more event tickets today. Make use of these online ticket selling tips properly so you can increase your reach. The best way is to set an effective strategy beforehand that you can implement using these tactics to increase the sale of event tickets. Click here to download our plugin and start selling more tickets.