Easy To Create Impressive Crowd-Sourced Community Calendar

A community calendar is a shared calendar that has various organizers’ events in the single calendar, where people can access and view it. If you are interested in reaping the benefits of a community calendar but with an even bigger benefit, get ready to know more below.

A crowd-sourced community calendar is a step further ahead of the normal calendar that provides organizers with a calendar where they can host their events. In this article, we will tell you how you can build a crowd-sourced community calendar using powerful tools. Crowd-sourcing is an efficient yet effective way to gather around a crowd, hype up the events, and bring the entire community together.

To create a crowd-sourced calendar, it’s vital to bring together all the events that are organized by different people at various locations. It may seem like tough work but it’s not something that would be a pain. You can manage it all on your own and in fact, we think that you can do so much more. An event calendar can be easy to create and maintain if you can follow what we tell you with the help of a few tools to implement your work.

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The first step

If you know about an online calendar, you can skip this step since you would already know about it but let us tell you how to take the first step.

First thing, you must create a WordPress website. After that, there are a couple of simple steps.

  • Install and set up WooCommerce.
  • You need an event manager plugin. Install the best plugin that is the WP Event Manager.
  • Install the calendar add-on of WP Event Manager.

    Crowd-Sourced Community Calendar using WPEM

These are the prerequisites to creating an online calendar where everyone can come together and make it happen for each other. In this boat, we are all together. Organizers and the website owner combined.

Revolutionize organizers and their role with your Event calendar

After setting up the WP Event Manager and its Calendar add-on, what you need to do is bring the event organizers together and make them list their events on your calendar. In earlier days, this wasn’t an easy task but now with the help of powerful plugins such as the WP Event Manager, we can easily manage this all without spending too much time on it.

Using the online calendar by WP Event Manager, you can allow users to start their own events on your website. You might be wondering how all of this works. Be patient. We will explain everything here, from managing the events to the tickets and payments, we will cover it all.

Remember that the community calendar is yours and is hosted on your website, hence, the complete control is yours. At the same time, the users can come and organize their events on your site and use your platform for exposure and advertisement, while paying you fees for letting them use your calendar.

Using the WP Event Manager and Calendar add-on, users are allowed to submit their own events using the event submission form. This doesn’t allow them to access the admin dashboard. This means that you keep your control and keep everything safe while users can add their events and you can review those.

Control user engagement with your community calendar

A community calendar will be incomplete without the engagement of users and organizers. It’s entirely up to you how you let the users interact and manage with the calendar that you created.

You can change the level of control from your admin dashboard about how much control organizers will have over the events they submitted. You can even choose to moderate every event submission and choose to approve or reject it. Or you can allow them to publish immediately. Further options allow you to give users the option to edit their events and allow email notifications.

Introduce ticket sales with Split payments

Any event calendar is incomplete without ticket sales. You must have the option to sell tickets, should users and organizers require that for their events. Concerts, book readings, various organizational seminars, and other functions require ticketing options to generate revenue from their listings.

By using the WP Event Manager and WooCommerce, you can easily introduce ticketing options however you want. It allows you to sell tickets easily for any event that you allow to be listed on your platform. Proper insights are also available.

Crowd-Sourced Community Calendar using WPEM

Split Payments

Not only that, you can further add to ticket sales with Split Payments allowing your organizers to sell their event tickets on your community calendar while making sure everyone gets their due share using this brilliant option.

You can use Stripe Split Payments to ensure the entirety of the process of payments. For each ticket sale, you can either charge a fixed flat fee or you can charge a percentage from the organizers. Using this system will automatically give you your share while directing the rest of the revenue to the organizer. No need to spend any time managing it on your own.


There, you have it. Your guide to making a crowd-sourced community calendar in an easy and effective manner. You can create a community powerhouse using your own made events marketplace. As you dive in, you will realize just how much potential this project has.

With options like community tickets, events, and so much more on your community calendar, you can unlock the maximum boost by reaching the right organizers and advertising your platform properly.

If you are just getting started, follow each step and see the magic.