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Featured Events Widget

WP Event Manager offers several widgets by default. A widget is a block on the webpage that performs a specific function. Widgets can be inserted on widget-ready areas on the website depending on the theme of the website.

The Featured Events Widget

The Featured Events Widget is used to display only the featured events on the frontend of your website.

To add a featured events widget:

  1. Go to WP admin >> Appearance >> Widgets.
  2. Go to Featured Events.
  3. Click on the drop-down button.
  4. Select the desired location to place your widget.
  5. Click Add Widget. or Drag the Featured Widget to the desired location on the right.

    To add a featured events widget

  • Title: Give title to the widget.
  • Number of listings to show: Enter the number (how many events you want to display on frontend of your website).
  • Order by: Set the order of the event listings to display on frontend (Ascending or Descending).

This is how event listings appears on the frontend of your website:

WP event manager frontend featured event widget

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