Successful Epic Ways to Make Money From Virtual Events

As a phrase by Albert Einstein says: “If you are looking for different results, don’t always do the same thing.” Today’s successful companies are those who are willing for quickly pivot to make money, embrace innovation and technology, and turn things around when the situation calls for it.

Digital technologies are changing the way we communicate, live, and work. Today the boundaries between the digital and the physical world are increasingly blurred, and this has a direct impact on the way of doing business.

In the midst of the digital transformation era, companies are witnessing the infinite possibilities of the digital environment and new technologies for the benefit of their businesses.

The Hype of Virtual Events

The same is the case with online events since the beginning of 2020. Well, we are very much familiar with the virtual events now, so cutting the story shorter, let’s talk about how to make money on virtual events.

The Hype Of Virtual Events

Tips to Make Money through Virtual Events

Organizing virtual events is pretty much easier, so being a professional in organizing virtual events for others does not get you a lot of money. However, if you are curious to know what other ways you can make money on virtual events, then here you go.

Earn with Ads

Once you are live with the audience, during your event, you can play online ads. We bring this idea from YouTube ads, so your audience is live, and they have no control over online streaming, so it’s probably a perfect time to advertise products.

Now, you can charge a handsome amount from the manufacturer in return for online promotion. The amount you charge can exponentially increase if you can get thousands of people as attendees for your events. So, try it out and do experience how to make money on virtual events.

Redirect Traffic

The online world puts a lot of effort into bringing online traffic to a specific website or a product page, and there are plenty of techniques out there for this purpose. Now, you can take advantage of desperation that the online world possesses to have organic traffic to their web pages.

All you have to do is to speak about the particulars where you need to redirect the traffic and then leave them with a web link. As per the survey and the research, it has been observed that influencers can make 90% of the conversion rate when they refer to something in public to make money.

Redirect Traffic To Make Money

Therefore, you must have to try redirecting traffic to the web pages and charge them a handsome amount. This is going to take hardly a minute of you in the virtual event, it can be one of the most promising tips to make money.

WP Event Manager finds the solution to directly redirect your traffic for your Virtual Event, They Launch Zoom Integration who have an amazing feature of Livestream embed to keep your website traffic on the right direction and allow your visitors to join your event easily.

Product Promotion

You can call it to become a brand ambassador. While having thousands of attendees in your virtual event, you can easily introduce them to the intended product. Let them know about your personal review and experience with the product.

By that, you can turn above 50% of the live viewers as the customers and boom your graph of sales will drastically increase.

Furthermore, being a brand ambassador, you can not only charge the manufacturer for the product promotion but also you can get a sponsored event that saves your cost too in organizing your virtual events.

Sell Tickets

Once you get hype in the market, or you become a popular influencer or a motivational speaker or by some means, you have announced an event and generated a huge interest in the audience that can become an important point to make money.


Don’t organize a free virtual event this time. Put tickets for the entrance. Add some extra modules, gifts, and let the audience indulge in your virtual event, and for that charge them a little amount. The charges amount per head will be little, but collectively it will become a handful of cash.

Sell Tickets

You have done nothing special, but yes for letting people pay you for your events when they recognize you as someone worth spending money on.

WP Event Manager comes up with powerful integration with WooCommerce to Automate, create, and sell your events ticket from your website.

Make trends

Last but not least, we are going to talk about how to make money by making trends on social media through our virtual event’s audience.

You have thousands of people watching you live over the internet and on different social networks, which makes them a perfect choice to use for making trends online.

Taking an example of twitter, you can make trends and rank them while getting money in return. And the process is simple. Announce a virtual event with a title related to the particular trend you are going to make and rank on different social networks.

Bring the audience, talk about the things, and take their opinions, ask them to post their opinions on twitter with a specific hashtag. With thousands of tweets in a few minutes, you can easily make trends and rank them to make money.


Virtual events are so common nowadays, and they are helping entrepreneurs and businessmen to uphold their products in the market. Even though virtual events are playing a vital role in the education sector too.

However, they are not limited to this only, but actually, you can earn money from virtual events too, and for that, we have provided you money-making tips through your virtual events. Follow the tips, and alongside your virtual event, you can generate a lot of money, and by all that means, you can introduce your attendees with good products, useful weblinks, and make trends for a real cause.

Try them out, Also Try WP Event Manager and spread your experience to others and let them earn how you did.