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7 Ways to Successfully Promote Events on Your Website

Organizing an event passes through multiple steps and event marketing is one of the crucial ones among them. It takes a lot of effort and the right strategies to gain maximum attention from the right audiences for your event.

You might be surprised to know that your website can be a great place for event marketing. Starting from adding your event listings and creating an interactive calendar to building a registration page and selling tickets, you can utilize your website in many ways to spread the word about your events.

7 ways to successfully promote events on your website

In this article, we have mentioned 7 ways to successfully promote events on your website. Before exploring them let us brief you about event marketing.

What is event marketing?

Event marketing refers to the strategy that is used to promote a specific brand or product or service. Such events can be virtual, in-person, or hybrid. It offers a great way for brands to connect with their target audiences, sponsors and other participants and spread brand awareness.

Event marketing helps in the following ways:

  • Enhance audience reach. 
  • Boost engagement. 
  • Maximize sales.
  • Generate leads and more.

How a website helps you boost event marketing

Your business website carries an amazing potential to drive audiences towards your events.

  • A well-crafted website with necessary event details attracts visitors quickly. 
  • It works as a centralized platform for all your event details. 
  • A dedicated registration page on your event website always impresses audiences to register. 
  • Gaining online visibility through a website enhances audience reach.

7 ways to successfully promote events on your website

The number of attendees and their level of engagement determine if your event was successful or not. There are different ways of promoting an event and your website is one of the prominent platforms through which you can attract people towards it.

Discover 7 ways to successfully promote your events on your websites:

1. Build a dedicated events website

Build Dedicated Events Website For Successfully Events

Having an ordinary events website is not enough to gather target audiences there. You need to have a dedicated events website where you can provide your visitors with all the necessary details of your event and ensure that they don’t need to go anywhere else for any type of event-related queries or activities.

If you are building a website from scratch, we would recommend you to use WordPress as your CMS as it is popular, beginner-friendly, free, and offers a huge array of plugins for website feature enhancement.

Make sure your events website has the following things:

  • A suitable theme. (the theme you choose should be compatible with your plugins)
  • Event listing.
  • A calendar. 
  • A registration and ticketing system.
  • Proper contact details. 
  • CTA.

Having an event-based website improves user experience as they get everything under the same roof.

2. Use an event calendar

Event Calendar For Successfully Events

An event calendar is extremely important to display the dates of your upcoming events prominently. It makes it easy for your customers to find all your upcoming event dates at one place which automatically attracts more people to it.

So how to add an interactive calendar to your website?  Well, WordPress users have a lot of plugin options here. You can use a WordPress calendar plugin to add this feature to your events site.

We recommend WP Event Manager’s Calendar plugin, which comes with the right features to help your events gain visibility online.

Such features include:

  • Multiple views. 
  • SEO friendliness. 
  • Responsive.
  • Quick calendar view which allows users to get the details of a specific event when they place the cursor on a specific event date. 
  • Highlight specific events and more.

Discover the plugin now!

Read this article to learn about “How to create an event calendar for your website: Complete Guide (2022)”.

3. Utilize social media platforms

Social Media Platforms For Successfully Events

When it comes to marketing, social media platforms can not be avoided. Create event pages on different social media platforms and add social media buttons on your website to help people land on those pages directly from your website. 

Through social media platforms, you will be able to gain more followers and will also get to know about their backgrounds from their profiles. Make sure you keep posting on your social media platforms and update your audiences about every new development that they must know about your upcoming events.

People use social media platforms on a regular basis which signifies that if they miss an update on your website then they can get it from your social media pages.

4. Make registrations easy

Registration is a crucial part of every event which needs to be simple and straightforward for your attendees. Sometimes a complicated registration process turns off people and force them to step back. To avoid this, you need to have a dedicated registration system on your website.

Get the Registration plugin from WP Event Manager to offer your attendees the ultimate comfort of registering peacefully without any hassle.

It offers:

  • A secured place for attendees to register as they don’t need to go anywhere else for that. 
  • An easy way for event organizers to track registrations. 
  • Additional security to attendee data. 
  • Registration report and more.

Discover the plugin now!

5. Create a ticketing system

Event Ticketing System For Successfully Events

Registration and ticketing go hand in hand. Every organizer aims to maximize ticket sales for which they must have a ticketing system. A ticketing system streamlines the entire process.

Try the Sell Tickets plugin for WP Event Manager that helps you create a ticketing system on your website with multiple essential features.

If you want to create a ticketing system on your website, you can consider reading our old blog “How to create an events category list on your WordPress website: Complete Guide” to get all the necessary details.

6. Use marketing tools

Marketing-Tools For Successfully Events

Using marketing tools can surely speed up the process for event marketers. These tools not only help you track your attendee data easily but also automate email marketing for you.

To know which tools you can use, read our previous blog “5 Most Useful Event Marketing Tools For 2023”.

7. Improve SEO strategies

When it comes to event marketing through your website, SEO strategies play a vital role.

Consider the following points to strengthen your SEO strategies.

  • Optimize your content with relevant keywords. 
  • Check report and analytics for further improvements. 
  • Use SEO friendly plugins and themes. 
  • Analyse competitors.

Implement the following ideas for better website SEO.


1. What are the 4P’s of event marketing?

The 4ps of event marketing include the following:

  • Product: It covers your event content, representation, engagement and fun elements. 
  • Price: Your event cost and revenue fall under this category. 
  • Promotion: The way you promote your event. 
  • Place: your event location.

2. How to do event marketing?

Follow the below mentioned steps to do event marketing:

  • Set a target. 
  • Create an events website. 
  • Know your event basics. 
  • Consider email marketing. 
  • Utilize social media channels. 
  • Use marketing tools. 
  • Engage audiences before the event through contests. 
  • Sell different types of tickets.

3. What are the 5 features of event marketing?

5 essential features of event marketing include the following:

  • Attracting the right audiences. 
  • Maximizing ticket sales. 
  • Choosing a striking venue. 
  • Creating excitement and 
  • Networking.

4. How to be a good event marketer?

Make sure you achieve the following qualities to be a good event marketer:

  • In-depth knowledge of the event industry. 
  • Expertise in event marketing strategies. 
  • Having knowledge of engaging people. 
  • Knowing social media tricks to boost engagement.

Wrapping up

Marketing an event sufficiently is essential for its success. We hope that the above mentioned tips will help you gain expertise in this field.

7 Ways To Successfully Promote Events On Your Website
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