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WordPress Review

What our happy users say about plugin.

  • Funktioniert

    Was will mann mehr schade nur das man die searchbox nicht deaktivieren kann
  • its great…

    in few words i can say the plugin is great and it helped me a lot…
  • Fantastic Customer Support

    I have had some major problems with our theme and the support received far exceeds any expectation. Gam has worked diligently to assist me in trouble shooting and resolving the issues. We have used the plugin for a completely different application to host training and sell our courses. It fits the bill and works easily for our clients.
  • Excellent support

    Solved my calendar color does not display properly, replying quickly and solving my problem. Very good business service
  • Very good support !

    Very nice and helpfull people
  • Great Support

    Support was fantastic.
  • Amazing

    Amazing Plugin, the support was helpful and so fast to fix any request, they help any one to the maximum,
  • Superb support :-)

    I think all event plugins suck.. this one is no exception but the amazing support I got in this case made the situation workable at least Thanks!!
  • Participate Info Not Working

    The support is amazing!

Twitter Review

What our happy users say about plugin.