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Event Tickets

The event ticket API allows you to view event ticket information.

Event ticket properties

Attribute Type Description Permission
id integer Unique identifier for the object. READ-ONLY
name string Event ticket name. MANDATORY
slug string Event ticket slug. READ-ONLY
permalink string Url of Event ticket for web page. READ-ONLY
date_created date-time The date the event ticket was created, in the site’s timezone. READ-ONLY
date_created_gmt date-time The date the event ticket was created, as GMT. READ-ONLY
date_modified date-time The date the event ticket was last modified, in the site’s
date_modified_gmt date-time The date the event ticket was modified, as GMT. READ-ONLY
type string Product type.
status string The status of event ticket  ex. Publish, draft etc.
featured boolean Featured product. Default is false .
catalog_visibility string Catalog visibility. Options: visible , catalog , search and hidden . Default is visible .
description string Event ticket description.
short_description string Event ticket short description.
sku string Unique identifier.
price string Current event ticket price. READ-ONLY
regular_price string Event ticket regular price.
sale_price string Event ticket sale price.
date_on_sale_from date-time Start date of sale price, in the site’s timezone.
date_on_sale_from_gmt date-time Start date of sale price, as GMT.
date_on_sale_to date-time API URL to get individual event data
date_on_sale_to_gmt date-time End date of sale price, as GMT.
price_html string Price formatted in HTML. READ-ONLY
on_sale boolean Shows if the event ticket is on sale. READ-ONLY
purchasable boolean Shows if the event ticket can be bought. READ-ONLY
total_sales integer Amount of sales. READ-ONLY
virtual boolean If the is virtual. Default is false , but for event ticket, it
will return true.
tax_class string Tax class.
manage_stock boolean Stock management at product level. Default is false .
stock_quantity integer Stock quantity.
stock_status string Controls the stock status of the product. Options: instock , outofstock , onbackorder . Default is
instock .
sold_individually boolean Allow one item to be bought in a single order. Default is false .
average_rating string Reviews average rating. READ-ONLY
rating_count integer Amount of reviews that the product have. READ-ONLY
related_ids array List of related products IDs. READ-ONLY
upsell_ids array List of up-sell products IDs.
cross_sell_ids array List of cross-sell products IDs.
parent_id integer Product parent ID.
purchase_note string Optional note to send the customer after purchase.
menu_order integer Menu order, used to custom sort products.
meta_data array Meta data.

Event ticket – Metadata properties

Attribute Type Description
id integer Meta ID.READ-ONLY
key string Meta key.
value string Meta value.

Get Event tickets

This API helps you to get particular event tickets.

HTTP request
Method : GET
URL : /wp-json/wpem/events/<event_id>/tickets/
Event Tickets
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