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Everything You Need To Know About Our Mailchimp Add-on

WP Event Manager’s Mailchimp add-on is created with the combined strength of the core plugin and Mailchimp. It allows users to automatically include attendees in the Mailchimp audience list whenever an event ticket is generated.

In this article, you will learn about our Mailchimp add-on and how it works.

Everything You Need To Know About Our Mailchimp Add-on

Remarkable features of the Mailchimp add-on

  • It helps automate the email marketing process by sending automated email messages to your attendees.
  • Automatically adds the attendee data that is provided by each attendee during registration to the Mailchimp audience list.
  • Lets users manually or automatically sync attendee data.
  • Allows users to select attendees from specific events and sync their details into the Mailchimp audience list. 
  • Users can easily integrate the Mailchimp CRM with their WordPress Website with the help of  Rest API. 
  • It lets users utilize the synchronized attendee data to send them follow up mails about their events. 
  • Allows users to run personalized email campaigns.

To know more about Mailchimp integration, discover the plugin now.

Here are the ways you can utilize the addon for your upcoming events

1. Utilizing Mailchimp for your pre-event activities

  • Whenever a website visitor registers for your event, Mailchimp automatically syncs the data that the visitor added to the Mailchimp database. 
  • You can easily import or export attendee data in CSV files. 
  • Your event can be promoted by sending personalized email messages to your existing customers on regular intervals and that too automatically.

2. Post registration activities

There are a lot of things to do after an attendee registers or purchases tickets for your event.

With our Mailchimp integration:

  • You can send reminder mails to your attendees about your events before the actual date of the event. 
  • If you are hosting an in-person or hybrid event, conducting a Covid screening survey can be an added advantage with Mailchimp tools.
  • The Mailchimp addon also allows you to inform your attendees about significant changes that have been made to your event. 
  • You can also update your attendees about event cancellation or any changes in the date.

3. Post Event Activities

It is also important for you to stay in touch with your attendees even after the event.

With the Mailchimp addon:

  • You can show your gratitude towards your attendees for gracing your event by sending them automated thank-you messages through emails. 
  • It is easy to ask your attendees for feedback through a general survey to understand what they liked about your event and what they do not. 
  • One of the biggest advantages of using the Mailchimp addon is the ease of attendee data transferring. You can export or synchronize these data effortlessly from the Mailchimp list to another marketing or CRM platform.

4. How to get the Mailchimp add-on?

Well, to use the Mailchimp addon from WP Event Manager, you need to first install the core plugin. Mailchimp is a premium add-on offered by WP Event Manager and it is available at an affordable cost.

We have recently renewed our pricing structure and introduced addon bundles. All the addons from WP Event Manager are divided into four bundles that include the following:

  • Event Manager Plus: It contains all the addons that you need to create a basic event management website. 
  • Event Manager Pro: It contains the addons of Event Manager Plus along with ticket selling addons.  
  • Virtual Event Manager Pro: It contains the addons of Event Manager Pro along with virtual event management addons.  
  • All Events Manager Pro: It contains all the addons of Virtual Event Manager Pro add ons along with marketing addons. You can get the Mailchimp add-on in this bundle.

If you conduct business events on a regular basis or you own an events business then you must go for the bundles as they are much more affordable than purchasing an add-on separately. All these addons are enriched with some amazing features that simplify and streamline the entire event management process for you.

Once you purchase the Mailchimp addon, you need to install it to start working. The installation process is also simple and comes with both automatic and manual options.

Wrapping up

Mailchimp is a useful tool for your events that primarily helps you synchronize attendee data every time an attendee registers for your event. It takes a lot of time, patience and effort to sync the attendee details manually. Besides this, marketing automation is another advantage that this addon offers to its users. We hope that this article will be helpful for you in understanding how the Mailchimp addon can make attendee data management and marketing easy for your events business.

Everything You Need To Know About Our Mailchimp Add-On
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