Importing Event Listings With WP All Import Pro

Importing Event Listings With “WP All Import Pro”

WP All Import Pro permits you to import posts and custom post categories (like occasion postings) utilizing CSV and XML documents. Steps for importing from a CSV file is given below.


Preparing Your CSV File
  • Event Title
  • Event Description
  • Event Location
  • Organizer Name
  • Organizer Tagline
  • Organizer Website Address
  • Organizer Twitter Handle
  • Organizer Logo URL
  • Organizer Video URL
  • Event Type


Importing your CSV File

To begin with, go to the All import segment and select ‘New Import’.

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You’ll then be asked to transfer your CSV record. You should select to create new jobs from the drop down menu.

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When the record has been transferred effectively, you can preview CSV fields. You can move further once you are sure that it has been uploaded correctly can be read.

Now you have to instruct WP All Import how to import each of the segments in your CSV document. Begin with the event title and substance. These should be mapped to your event title and description:

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The custom fields which you’ll be mapping will include:

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  • Event Location – > _event_location
  • Organizer Name – > _organizer_name
  • Organizer Tagline-> _organizer_tagline
  • Organizer Website Address-> _organizer_website
  • Organizer Twitter Handle-> _organizer_twitter
  • Organizer Logo URL-> _organizer_image
  • Organizer Video URL-> _organizer_video

The last thing to set is the event type (and potentially event categories in case you’re importing those as well).

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Proceed to the following step where you can choose a unique ID (Which can be the event title or name of the organization) and then your import can be completed.