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General Settings

The settings submenu for the WP Event Manager plugin is placed in the sidebar of the WP admin.

To go to the General Settings,  follow the below mentioned steps:

WP Admin >> Event Manager >> Settings >> General Settings on the left sidebar of the dashboard.

Wp Event Manager General Settings

The General Settings dashboard contains the following options:

  • Delete Data on Uninstall.
  • Add a Google API Key.

How to delete dummy event data on the uninstallation of the plugin?

The Delete Data On Uninstall option allows you to delete or retain data created and contained within the plugin. By checkmarking and uncheckmarking the box attached to the option, you can delete or retain the data created using the plugin during uninstallation.

To delete all data on uninstallation:

  1. Go to Event manager >> Settings >> General.
  2. Check the box adjacent to Delete Data On uninstall.
  3. Click Save Changes.
    Wp Event Manager Delete Dummy Event Data
  4. Please note: Once the operation to delete the data is carried out, the data cannot be removed.

Where to add Google API Key?

With WP Event Manager you can import Google Maps and its location features into your website.

To add Google Maps on your event pages, you will require a Google API key, which retrieves the location from Google Maps.

To add a Google API key, you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to Event Manager >> Settings >> General tab.
  2. Add the API key on the text box adjacent to the Google API key.
  3. Click Save changes.
    Wp Event Manager Google Map Api Key
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