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How to Embed a Google Calendar in WordPress (Step by Step)

Google Calendar is an amazing application that helps you manage and share your events with your target audience. Attaching Google Calendar with your WordPress site can be extremely beneficial for your events business. All you need is to know the process of embedding Google Calendar on your site. So How to do that?

We have shared a step by step guide in this article to let you know about the method you can use to add a Google calendar to your WordPress site.

Why should you add Google Calendar to your website

Adding a Google Calendar to your WordPress site allows you to showcase your future events prominently to your site visitors.

People across the world depend on the free Google tool to organize their work schedule.

With Google Calendar. You can display all types of events including webinars, online exhibitions, conferences, academic events, virtual retreats and more.

How to Embed a Google Calendar in WordPress (Step by Step)

The best part about Google Calendar is that if you alter any information on Google calendar, the calendar present on your website automatically updates itself as per the changes.

Adding a Google Calendar to your WordPress site using a plugin

The plugin that you need in this process is the Simple Calendar- Google Calendar plugin.

To start working with it you need to install and activate the plugin.

Once installed and activated, the next step is to go to Calendars and then Settings for the plugin set up.

After that press the Google Developers Console link.

Save Change Button

The link will take you to the Google Cloud Platform and here you can build a connection between the plugin and your Google Calendar. To perform this, you need to give the plugin the right to access your calendar data through a Google API key.

Press the Create project button option to do this.

Create Project

Next, you will be sent to the page in which you will be asked to add a suitable title for your project and then select the company and location.

You can give your preferred title to the project but it is better to use a title that has some kind of relevance with the project.

When it comes to the other fields, you can paste your website URL in it.

Finally, press the Create button.

Create Button

Once it is done, you will automatically be brought to the project dashboard.

At this page, you need to select the option: Enable APIs & Services.

Enable Api

This option will redirect you to the page that displays all the APIs of Google.

In this step, the option Google Calendar API needs to be selected in the Google Workplace to move a step forward in this process.

Enable Calendar Api

Then click on the Enable button to generate an API key.

Enable Calendar Api

After that, click on the create credentials option and select the API key from the drop down menu.

Then you will come across a pop up that displays the API key.


Once you get the API key, you need to copy and paste it in the text editor box.

Api Key Created

In the next step, you need to move back to the plugin setting page and paste the API key you have generated.

Then press the Save Changes button.

Save Change Button

Completing this step ensures that you have linked your WordPress site with the Google Calendar and you are prepared to add the calendar to your site.

Making your Google Calendar public

To make your Google Calendar accessible to the public, you need to go to the calendar settings and make it public.

Follow the below mentioned steps to do that.

Go to the Google Calendar that you wish to attach with your WordPress site.

Press the gear icon and choose settings from the dropdown menu.

Save Change Button

Then mention your preferred calendar’s name in the Settings for my calendar area.

It will display the Calendar settings on a fresh page.

Calendar Setting

Then you will get the ‘Access permissions for events’ section in which you need to find the Make available to public’ box.

Once you find it then select Okay.

After successfully finishing the step, you need to scroll down to find the ‘Integrate calendar’ section where you will get the Calendar ID to copy.

The next step is to paste the copied  Calendar ID into your chosen text editor so that you can easily get it when you need it.

Adding your Google Calendar to WordPress

At this stage, you will need to utilize the Simple Calendar plugin to make a fresh Calendar that you will add to your site.

Follow the below mentioned step from your WordPress dashboard:
  • Go to Calendars. 
  • Choose the Add New option to get the Calendar editor option. 
  • Then give a title to your Calendar.

Add New Calendar

Here, you will observe that some shortcodes are already added in the text area.

You can keep it like that and move to the Calendar setting box just below the text editor.

Move to the Google Calendar tab and mention the Calendar ID in the Calendar ID section.

Calendar Id

You can also utilize other tabs present in the Calendar settings section for more customization in the overall appearance of your Calendar on your website.

Complete the task by clicking on the Publish button.

Showcase Google Calendar on your WordPress site

To add visibility to the calendar you have built, you have to attach the calendar with a WordPress page or post.

Take the following steps to add your calendar to a page:
  • Go to pages.
  • Add new.
  • Give a suitable name to your page.

Once you are done with the above mentioned steps, click on the plus icon to access the blocks menu and choose the shortcode option.

Then paste the shortcode for your new calendar.

You can get this by choosing the:
  • Calendars option. 
  • All Calendar. 
  • Search for the relevant shortcode.

After modifying the Calendar page, click on the publish button to save changes.

This shortcode can be added to anywhere on your website, so that you can showcase your newly created calendar.

Finally, your Calendar will be live on your Website. The calendar gets updated automatically when you insert fresh events.

So whenever any visitor puts the cursor on an event, the event details will be displayed.



We hope that the article will guide you in embedding Google Calendar to your events website.

A Google Calendar can be a useful asset to your WordPress website. It helps you maintain your event schedules and showcase the dates and details of events to your customers so that they can remain updated about your upcoming events. You can add more functionalities to your website through Google Calendar, impress users by keeping them informed about your events and stay ahead of your competitors.

How To Embed A Google Calendar In Wordpress (Step By Step)
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