Email Communication Bonus Tips for Online Events

Do you wonder how to make a useful shout out to the public when announcing an event? Or are you going to organize an event and want to know how to grab the attention of the public online? Then the answer will be Email Communication

Do you know how well digital marketing brings more attendees to your online events?

Among many other things, email communication has been considered as a useful tool for online events. According to the estimations:

  • There will be around 4.3 billion active email users in 2023
  • For welcome email, the average open rate is 82%
  • It has been observed that 50% more open rate can be achieved than the normal one with the personalized subject lines

Last but not least, 69% more orders can be generated by sending three abandoned cart emails than sending only one.

Email Communication Useful Tool

1. Email Communication better effectiveness for online events

Email communication is one of the most widely used communication channels today. It has become an essential tool for many organizations and companies, particularly when it comes to communicating, whether it be information, promotions, communications, and especially for organizing online events.

Through email communication, event agencies manage to contact their recipients, build brand loyalty, publicize a new product or services, and report on an event; in short, email communication has become a beneficial communication system.

This blog post is going to cover a few essential tips related to email communication and how it can be made effective for online events.

Virtual events are the same as any other events

Online events are pretty much the same as the other events. Both the type of events have similar things like

  • Both have registered attendees
  • Hosts and organizers hold their same work responsibilities

The only difference that it makes in both types of events is the physical presence of organizers and attendees.

2. Where to start?

Setting a right up front for your online events is a critical and most crucial part. Before visitors start registering for your events, they will put their hands to find more about you.

Having a customized, attractive, interactive, and straightforward landing page of your website decides whether the visitor is going to be your potential buyer or just another person to increase your bounce rate.

Grab the attention

Remember, the users are intended to get a piece of quick information, and you must have to analyze how to provide information about “five W’s” quickly once the visitor lands on your website.

More straightforward, the information is, effectively, you can catch the visitor’s eye.

Email Communication Five W'S

3. Five W’s

There are answers five W’s that the visitors will be searching for.

  1. Information related to what is an online event about?
  2. Who is an event for?
  3. Where is an event expected to be held?
  4. When is an event going to be live?
  5. Why attend?

4. Registration for online events

There is an essential module for organizing events, and that is the registration. By registering attendees, the organizers can make appropriate arrangements.

Information about the registered attendees also helps in analyzing the effectiveness of the event. Revenue forecasting can be approximated through the registered attendees’ information.

Registered attendees’ information also plays a vital role in developing effective marketing strategies. As such, information represents which area/sector or profession tend to attend which particular type of events.

By analyzing such information, the organizers can plan effective marketing strategies for selected sectors, professions, or might be organizations.

Rule of Thumb

However, an issue arises when we do not have a proper tool for registration. Remember a rule of thumb that the public will always respond to the easiest things they can do.

So, you not only need a tool for registering the attendees for an online event, but that tool should be effective, efficient and easy to use for the users.

Now you do not rush to find out such tools when you have one of the best WordPress Plugins that offer you the same functionalities with many more benefits.

5. WordPress Event Manager Plugin Add-on

WordPress Event Manager Plugin is offering a “Registration Add-On,” which exactly does what we have read about “EASY REGISTRATION.” This add-on will let the users register themselves for the published events.

Once the person is registered, it provides you with useful data, including his/her email address.

Now for the next events, you have a database full of emails that you can utilize to send users with invitation emails to join your online events.

Making an attractive call for joining an event through email is an effective method to let the public know about the events where their interest lies.

6. Customized emails communication with Tickets

Sending confirmation email when any user buys a ticket for an event is a good way to inform that a person is registered and has a ticket.

How about customizing that email with a welcome gesture and motivate the person that he/she has made the right decision?
You can customize such emails to bring your customers closer to your brand or events and create loyalty in them through WordPress Event Manager Plugin.

It’s easy to install, easy to operate and offering numerous features with unique add-ons to offer its customers with all in one for event management websites

7. Sending reminders

Few of the persons may miss the event. So, use email communication as a tool to inform them the day before an event and especially when the event gets live.

Such Email Communication between the organizers and attendees builds a trustable relationship.

Email Communication Thankful Note

8. Thankful Note

Always say thanks to the attendees through an email communication of thankful note. This will be letting them know that you care about their presence.

Such goodwill gestures always work as a marketing strategy.

You can send them speaker’s notes, photos, videos, and coupon codes offering discounts for the next events.


Customers can communicate with you through online live chat, but when you need to communicate with your potential audience, you need a tool.

You can have an effective communication tool for your online events, and that precisely is the “Electronic mail system.”

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