How Can E-Commerce Strategies Attract New Customers?

Getting new customers is a challenge for every online business. There was a time when customer web application development was enough to guarantee a steady stream of new customers, but things have changed now. You need a clear e-commerce strategy to make sure that your online traffic increases consistently to maintain your market share.

Here are 5 ways in which e-commerce strategies can help your business attract new customers.

E-Commerce Strategies

Targeting the right customers

Nowadays, no business can expect to cater to a general set of customers and make a profit. People are very particular about what they want and want to pursue distinct choices instead of standard purchases. For example, if a buyer is searching online for a gaming laptop, he would prefer one with extra features and add ons, and showing him anything less than a pro gaming laptop with a backlit keyboard won’t help. With the right e-commerce strategies, you can target the specific niche of customers that you can serve profitably.

This works at multiple levels. For example, the design of your website can cater to the visual tastes and sensibilities of your niche market. The UX and UI aspects can be designed accordingly. Secondly, you can personalize the merchandise of your website according to the peculiar needs, lifestyle, and income levels of your target audience. This would ensure that you have a high conversion rate because your website would attract the most likely set of new customers to convert.

Adapting to their search queries

This is where your SEO strategy fits in. Most of the time, businesses follow a shotgun approach and try to rank for every possible keyword under the sun. This kind of strategy never works. Instead, you can use e-commerce strategies and tools to identify your niche market segment and study their search patterns.

Take the time to learn about the topics they are searching for at different times of the day, week, month, and year. This will give you a fair idea of their changing needs throughout the year so that you can modify your SEO strategy accordingly. Pay attention to whether your target audience uses short-tail or long-tail keywords. Are their searches location specific? Are they searching for products or solutions? Focus on ranking for those keywords that are more relevant to your business.

E-Commerce Strategies

Revamp your product descriptions

Don’t leave your product descriptions for the last minute. This is the most critical section of your website as it influences the new customer’s decision about whether or not to buy from you. Remember, there may be other websites selling the same product at a similar price. To set yourself apart from them, your product descriptions should answer specific questions or solve a particular problem for your customer.

Write detailed, accurate, and honest descriptions. Don’t leave anything to the imagination or expect that the customer will reach out to you for more information. They won’t. Also, add attractive and realistic photographs of the product so that the customer knows what to expect. All of this is part of the trust-building that goes into building relationships with new customers.

Use email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to attract new customers to your website. Sending crisp, friendly email messages to prospective customers helps them to learn about your business or product, and get back to you on their own time. This is not a one-shot strategy as it requires consistent reminders and reinforcement.

E-Commerce Strategies

You can offer social media campaigns, sign-up forms, online events, and giveaways to encourage potential customers to share their email addresses with you. Avoid going in for mass email lists as most of these contain dead links and the people on these lists are already receiving tons of unwanted emails every day. Create your own email lists and send emails that are personalized around your customer’s specific needs.

Sales promotions

Sales promotions are a great way of getting new people to try out your product for the first time. You can offer free samples, price discounts, or volume savings as part of your e-commerce strategy. You can also take it a step further by setting a limit on the discount or restricting it for a certain time period, say a month or a week. This makes your offer more attractive for the customer and they do not want to miss out on this limited opportunity.

Social media is a great place to launch such promotions due to the ability of people to share such deals with people in their networks.


There are endless e-commerce strategies that you can pick and customize according to your business needs and customer profile. Getting new customers is a big challenge nowadays but with the right set of strategies, you can make sure that you meet their needs in the best way.