Make Your Events Memorable With Incredible Event Logo Design Tips

The event logo is an integral part of any event. In fact, one could argue that logos are one of the key aspects of any event, organization, brand, or any other recognizable entity. Think virtual events, McDonald’s, Microsoft, and every other brand or event, they all have their unique logos that tell people that this belongs to this entity.

Event logos are processed quicker and recognized easily by humans. If you want to attract a potential audience, you must use these logo design tips to increase your event branding. The tips we are going to tell you to include logo design basics. With our help, you can easily create stunning event logos.

Use our ideas and exercises to design the best event logo that can grab attention and speak loads about what your event is about.

Event Logo Design Tips

The first step to start anything really is to learn the basics. We recommend using basic logo design principles to create what you want. Now there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Make sure that the image is clear and looks great.
  • Make sure that the image you have created represents your event well.

Now, one of the best options is to keep one standout feature, such as a stunning color or an element in the middle that attracts people and represents your event best. Test the readability to ensure that it will look as good on small screens as it does on billboards. Consider the shape, font, and color, and then create the best event logo for your brand.

2. Decide the type of logo that you want

There are types of event logos, 5 to be exact. Choose the type that you want and go from there.

  1. Lettermarks Logo: Uses only the event’s initials for a neat look
  2. Wordmarks Event Logo: Uses the entire event name with attractive fonts and colors
  3. Pictorial Marks Event Logo: A simple yet effective image of an object that associates with your brand perfectly
  4. Abstract Event Logo: A unique image that is synonymous with your event.
  5. Combination Event Logo: Combining Lettermarks or WordMarks logo with a Pictorial or Abstract logo to have the best of both worlds

Now, if you have chosen what kind of logo you are going for, make sure to choose the symbols or images that are clear and attractive. An active event logo goes a long way in recognizing your brand.

Event planning is an important part of any event. To know how to create the best event logo, you must know what your event does and how the entire brand works. WP Event Manager is an incredibly useful plugin that will help you create an Events website and learn more about how to conduct everything virtually.

Once you know your event’s values and mission, you need to choose the color, shape, font, and images based on the entire identity of your event. You need something synonymous with your brand, so ensure that, and you are good to go.

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4. Review your brand architecture if your logo has multiple events.

This is a vital step as some brands have multiple events, and some have single events. When designing your event logo, if your brand has multiple events, your logo needs to have multiple events as well to cover the scope of your brand. A better idea to edit the main logo of the brand slightly to create one for each event.

5. Understand brand psychology and learn color theory.

Brand psychology is a vital aspect of creating any event logo. Whether your brand represents happiness, enthusiasm, or any other emotion, you need to incorporate that in your logo. The best way to do that is to learn and understand the color theory and how different colors speak of different elements.

Here are some colors and their representation.

  • Red speaks of high energy and excitement.
  • Yellow speaks of positivity.
  • Blue introduces calmness and demeanor.
  • Purple speaks of creativity.
  • Green is peaceful and fresh.
  • Brown ensures safety.

There are other colors, and you can easily learn about them.

Now, let’s get to the business end and see what strategy is the best to design the best event logo. A three-circle strategy is a perfect choice for any event logo.

The three circles in the Venn diagram are “Why”, “How”, and “What”. Start filling the circles with words or even short sentences in the relevant departments and see where the overlapping occurs. Voila!

7. Seek inspiration from competitor’s logos.

When you are about to design a logo, event branding needs to be considered. One of the best things you can do is check out your competitor’s logos and see what they have done with them. Check out the exact details and see how they have done things. The most common elements between multiple logos will be your cue.

8. Choose the right typography.

The right font is key to anything on the web. That’s one of the basic logo design tips. Choose the typography that goes well with your logo and associates well with your event branding. Your options are the fonts from the following typography:

Logo Design Tips 2

  • Serif
  • Sans Serif
  • Modern
  • Script
  • Display

9. Incorporate symmetry

Symmetry is the aspect of your design logo that everyone will notice. Make sure everything is centered and aligned perfectly using any grid tool to ensure that there’s balance in the logo.


Once you do fulfill and work on the tips that we have provided in the ultimate guide, you will see your event logo looks stunning and attractive. You must take note of all of these tips if you want to increase your event branding and ensure that your event logo looks perfect.