Top 7 Calendar Maintenance Tips To Manage Calendar Easily

In the holiday season with tons of events on the way and some already happening, it’s vital to manage your site’s calendar efficiently. To ensure the site doesn’t crash with the potential of the incoming traffic with your jam-packed calendar, you must follow these calendar maintenance tips.

With dozens of events taking place every day from different organizers and for different audiences, if your calendar is filled with events and parties, follow our calendar maintenance tips to ensure your event calendar’s well being and usability. Anybody who is visiting your calendar must not face any issues or slowness on the website or the calendar.

Follow these useful calendar maintenance tips to keep the engines running at maximum flow:

Useful Holiday Calendar Maintenance Tips

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1. Keep things visually attractive

The best tip in terms of maintenance and attracting a new audience is to keep things beautiful and interactive on your event calendar. You can tweak a few settings and set up a visually attractive system that will not only increase your traffic but also the general quality of your site.

WordPress offers a lot of customization options. Change colors or fonts amongst other things. Make use of the options at hand how you want and voila!

2. Use the most optimized Event calendar

You will find this the most valuable of the calendar maintenance tips that we have to offer to you. To use the best event calendar is necessary and our choice of the calendar here is the WP Event Managers Calendar. The calendar is the best we have seen with great options.

When selecting any event calendar for your website, you must choose the one that goes perfectly with your website’s SEO and optimization in general. The calendar should not slow down your pages, and hence, it only makes sense to use the best one. Check out the WP Event Manager here.

Holiday Calendar Maintenance Tips

3. Regularly update all the information

Update every piece of important information regularly. There are a lot of events that get updated every day. There are lots of sales and promotions that have to take place, alongside all the shipping details. You must follow deadlines and keep everything sorted.

The reason we chose this tip to be a part of our holiday calendar maintenance tips is because of how important information can be when it comes to events. Keep it complete and keep it neat. You can use the WP Event Manager’s Calendar to make it easier.

4. Traffic can increase any day, be prepared

Whether you are anticipating traffic or not, you must be prepared as traffic can go a little crazy in the holiday season. With an ever-increasing audience searching for events during the holidays, make use of one of the vital calendar maintenance tips and keep your website prepared for the boosted traffic.

  • Remove old events and clear that data to create space
  • Keep everything optimized using tools and applications to improve the performance
  • Get rid of any excessive things and plugins that you are not of use.

5. Keep error log and fix any error that comes ASAP

Efficient error management is a vital bit of any successful website. You might be wondering how this affects your calendar. Let us tell you how this is one of the top calendar maintenance tips for the holidays.

If there is an error, whether it’s in your calendar or website overall, it will harm the potential of incoming traffic. It will also degrade the quality of your website if you don’t solve these errors. Make use of the Google Search Console by opening the console and clicking on Crawl. Then go into Crawl Errors and see if there are any HTTP 404 errors and fix them ASAP.

6. Keep everything up to date

For any successful website on the internet in today’s world, the essential part is keeping everything up to date. Information aside which we already covered in an earlier tip, keeping the plugins, themes, and the WordPress version updated brings massive improvements in terms of optimization, functionality, and security.

You can use the automatic installation from the WordPress dashboard that will allow you to install any available without having to manually download and install it. On the other hand, you can also use manual updates if you have updated versions already downloaded on your system.

Holiday Calendar Maintenance Tips

7. Maintain regular backups of your site

One of the principal calendar maintenance tips, if not the best one, is to create and maintain regular backups of your website. This is not just for holiday calendar maintenance tips. You should do this regularly as your website could suffer any potential attack or error that could disrupt everything.

You must have a backup in place from where you can restore everything and keep everything in check. If your website crashes or there is too much traffic, you might run into issues. You can then use your backups and restore everything that was disturbed.


Reading these calendar maintenance tips; you might have had an idea about the things you must do to ensure that you don’t run into any problems in the holiday season. You might be doing a few of these things already, especially if you are running a successful WordPress site, but regardless of that, it doesn’t hurt to make things better, right?

Happy optimizing. And if you have any questions or issues, you can contact us right away. We are here for you.