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Event Ticket Sales Report

The event sales report API allows you to view event ticket sales information.

Event ticket sale properties

Attribute Type Description
total_sales string Total sale amount.
net_sales string Net sales amount.
average_sales string Average sales amount.
total_orders string Total orders.
total_items string Total items.
total_tax string Total tax amount.
total_shipping string Total shipping charge.
total_refunds integer Total number of refunds.
total_discount string Total discount amount.
totals_grouped_by string Report type.
total_tickets_sales object Total ticket sale data.
totals object Data of report based on date


Event ticket sale – Total Tickets Sales properties


Attribute Type Description
Ticket id integer Will return total no. of ticket sale


Event ticket sale – Totals properties


Attribute Type Description
sales string Total sales amount
orders integer Total no. of orders
items integer Total no. of items
tax string Total tax amount
shipping string Total shipping amount
discount string Total discount amount
customers integer Total no. of customers

Get Event ticket sales report

This API helps you to get event ticket sales reports.

HTTP request
Method : GET
URL : /wp-json/wpem/reports/sales

Available parameters

Attribute Type Description
period string Default would be “month”(day, week, month). Based on this you will get a daily, weekly or monthly report.
event_id string Event Id(To get a particular event sales report).
date_min date Min date to get a report.
date_max date Max date to get a report.
grouped_by string Used to get reports based on a group by query. Default would be “month”(day, week, month). 
Event Ticket Sales Report
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