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Create or pick categories from Free/ Core WP Event manager

The type of event is categorized by the kind of visitors. The visitors may belong to many genres and hence the event organizer/ admin needs to make sure to make a lot of categories available to its customers so that they can save time by filtering the events and reach out to those which they like. For this purpose, You can add, edit and pick categories by clicking on event categories under event listings.

Following below step for admin side to Create or pick categories:

  1. Log in your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Go to Event Manager >> Event category.
    wp event manager event categories general
  3. This page provides you with the list of categories already available. In case you want to add a new category, complete the details on the page and the new category would now be added to the list of categories.
    wp event manager event category list

The list of these Event categories can be accessed on the frontend. The home page has the filter of event category, selecting which, the individuals are shown only the events associated with that category.

In case if the event organizers want to post events from the front end, associating the event to categories already lited at backend can be done by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Log in to the WP Event manager panel frontend and go to “post an event”. Tab
  2. All the details for the event need to be filled in the form available. Also, there is an option of select event category from “Category List”.
    wp event manager category frontend
  3. All the event categories registered/at the admin panel now appears in this list. The organizer can associate the event with the best category suited.
  4. In case if a category is listed in the event categeries on the admin panel, yet do not appear in the frontend form, you need to go to “Inspect Element”.
  5. Get access to “Inspect Element” via the “F12” key OR through the right click of the mouse and select the “Inspect Element” option.
    wp event manager inspect
  6. One needs to fix the JavaScript error that would appear under the console section in the Inspect element.
    wp event manager console
  7. If the user can fix this error themselves, the category would now be shown in the drop-down menu, however in case if the user is still facing a problem, our support would help in assisting you. Support
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How Can We Improve This Article?
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