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How to Boost Event Engagement with a Conference Mobile App

The term “engagement” is the heart of every event including meetings and conferences. No matter how much effort you have put into your event, it remains incomplete if it lacks audience engagement.

Businesses are increasingly getting inclined towards meetings and conferences to connect event organizers, attendees, sponsors, and other participants with each other. It is an organizer’s responsibility to keep their audience engaged right from the moment they register for their event. This becomes effortless with a conference mobile app.

How to Boost Event Engagement with a Conference Mobile App

In this article, we have shared practical tips for boosting event engagement with a conference mobile app. Before discussing the tips let us first introduce you to the concept of a conference mobile app.

What is a conference mobile app?

A conference mobile app is an app that is exclusively designed to help conference organizers plan, administrate, and promote the event. Once your audiences register for an event through your conference mobile app, it becomes easy for them to get all the important details of the conference like speakers, schedule, maps, and more.

How to boost event engagement with a Conference mobile app?

The increase in the usage of mobile phones signifies more opportunities for every event organizer to enhance engagement. Having a conference mobile app is certainly a good idea but knowing the right ways to boost engagement is crucial for every event organizer to make the most of their conference apps.

Find out some of the most effective ways of boosting engagement with a conference mobile app here:

1. Allow attendees to access registration details

Your conference registration details are one of the crucial parts of your event that every attendee would search for. To ensure that they don’t have to break their sweat to find it, you can utilize your conference mobile app to offer them a centralized platform for all your registration-related information. In addition to your comfortable communication, your conference mobile app can integrate a chat API, allowing attendees to easily communicate with support for any registration-related queries or issues.

2. Update your conference details in real-time

When you have an event app, it becomes easy for you to make changes to the event content through a user-friendly backend portal. As the mobile app offers all the necessary event information at one place, you need to make sure that you update it in real-time to keep your audiences informed about any changes that comes in your event roadmap.

So it is always good to instantly modify your event content based on any changes and send notifications to your registered attendees.

3. Enhance navigation through an app

You need to offer your attendees an easy way to find your event location. So using a Map on your mobile app is recommended for you to show the exact location of your event to your attendees. It makes it easy for your attendees to reach the venue on time and also helps you manage your event promptly.

4. Let attendees search and browse through your event agenda

Adding your conference agenda in detail on your mobile app helps your attendees understand the theme of your event and what they are going to get from it. 

Make sure you keep your event agenda open to your attendees on your mobile app before the event date. This also makes them excited about the upcoming event and encourages them to be a part of it.

5. Promote sponsors & exhibitors

Don’t miss a chance to show your gratitude towards the sponsors and exhibitors of your event. A mobile conference app provides an amazing scope for organizers to promote their sponsors and exhibitors. It helps increase the exposure of your exhibitors and sponsors.

These tips are going to be helpful for you in utilizing your conference mobile app in the best way possible to boost engagement. However, if you are looking for a suitable mobile app for your business or you want to switch to a better option, read our previous article on “How to Select the Best Event App for Organizers” for guidance.

FAQs on event mobile apps

1. Do mobile apps increase customer engagement?

Yes. Mobile apps for conferences or any products or services work as a centralized platform for all the product-related information for customers or attendees.

When it comes to conferences or events, a mobile app allows organizers:

  • Analyze customer data and offer personalized event experiences. 

Similarly, for attendees:

  • Features like in-app chat and support increase engagement. 

2. How do you drive mobile app engagement?

Mobile app engagement can be driven in the following ways:

  • Simplifying the registration process. 
  • Offering detailed information about your conference or products or services that you are selling. 
  • Enhancing navigation through maps. 
  • Push notifications. 
  • Easy ticketing or payment method and more.

3. How do mobile apps boost sales?

You can increase the ticket sales of your conferences easily with push notifications that keep your audiences update about your events, its ticket availability dates and more.

Wrapping up

Using a mobile conference app in the right way can highly increase audience engagement. We hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you create successful and interactive conferences using your event app.

How To Boost Event Engagement With A Conference Mobile App
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