Ultimate Benefits of Live Streaming Events for Your Website

Thanks to the transformation of the Internet and mobile devices, the content generation today occurs anywhere, anytime, and companies know this well. In this sense, broadcasting live streaming events on the Internet allows us to approach our target audience better, opening corporate spaces to the entire virtual community, which many times represent valuable information for customers and prospects.

In an environment where digital prevails over analog, companies can use event streaming platforms to get closer to their target audience. In this sense, corporate streaming is one of the most attractive options for both companies and users, and the data shows this:

  • Live Streaming Events is what audiences are looking for:80% of users prefer a live Streaming/broadcast than read the blogs or have to attend the event by moving to the event place.
  • 67% of viewers of live streaming/broadcasts are more likely to make a conversion after watching a related stream.
  • During 2020, online video will be responsible for ⅘ parts of global Internet traffic.
  • Video on social networks generates 1200% more shares than the union between text and image or having a physical event at any place.

As we can see, today, the streaming becomes a powerful tool for online events, and transmitting live streaming events over the Internet can range from an increase in conversions to generate greater proximity to users.

Some Fact Of Live Streaming Events

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Streaming Events Live Necessity

There will always be someone, for whatever reason, cannot attend your event. And although until very recently, being physically present was an essential requirement to be part of that meeting, congress or talk, and the situation has completely changed now. We have the necessary technology to see and participate even in those that take place on the other side of the world (and without leaving our homes) thanks to streaming for events.

1. Geographical and temporal barriers disappear

The great advantage of streaming your event is that once finished; it can be uploaded to the network so that anyone can consume it whenever they want. Besides, it can be seen by everyone regardless of where in the world you are.

2. Increase diffusion

By live streaming event and thanks to social networks, it will be possible to generate more leads and significantly increase the potential audience. And it is that, with practically the same cost, anyone with internet access will be able to take part in the event.

3. It saves costs and generates new income

If the corporate event is internal, it will allow the company to save costs by avoiding unnecessary travel. And if the conference is open to the public, people who wish to attend will be able to do so from home, free of charge, making the events less expensive for the company.

Likewise, broadcasting live opens up a world of new possibilities to monetize the event thanks to the possibility of incorporating advertising banners or transferring rights to other web pages in the sector that are interested in broadcasting it.

It Saves Costs And Generates New Income

4. Increased audience awareness

The Internet will allow us to access a large mass of data from viewers that, once analyzed, will become truly valuable information (number of users, location, prime-time, etc.) for decision-making of Live Streaming Events.

5. Direct and personalized communication

Social networks offer you the possibility of interacting with the public during the broadcast of the event directly and simply, going from the classic one-way broadcasts to others that are much more dynamic, interactive, and two-way.

6. Commitment to the public

By making the event available to everyone (or, at least, from the segment of the audience that we consider), we will also be showing the public our interest and let them participate in the live streaming events without any cost.

Three Tips about live streaming events

  1. Choose the right environment

    Today, social networks represent an attractive environment for brands and organizing events online, as they facilitate contact with customers and prospects. Therefore, if you are wondering how to arrange Live Streaming Events through these platforms, you should choose the one that best suits your target audience.

  2. Plan the transmission

    The content of corporate streaming may be very valuable, but what if nobody knows? Most likely, very few people will join the broadcast.

    Therefore, to know how to make Live Streaming Events successful, especially if events are live, it is important to plan, something in which the diffusion is decisive. You can rely on advertisements (paid campaigns) or previous content that informs users about the streaming to be performed. Only in this way will we be able to get as many viewers as possible.

  3. Lean on experts

    23% of users say they would hesitate to do business with a brand after watching low-quality streaming. Data such as this allow us to realize the importance of seeking the advice of streaming experts since a faulty transmission can cause serious damage to the brand image.

It Saves Costs And Generates New Income
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Last Verdict

Live Streaming Events becomes very handy nowadays because of the available variety of tools that let you arrange an online event streaming. There is an increasing trend in attending events online in recent months, and the world is getting used to it, creating possibilities to proceed with live events streaming in the future too.

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