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What are the 6 basic elements that an event manager must plan Most importantly

Organizing a successful event can be rewarding and challenging at the same time. Whether you are arranging a small or a large event, proper planning and attention to details are the things that are most important in this business. Starting from setting up an event goal and preparing a budget to catering and other crucial components of an event, everything needs to be taken into account. Even the smallest of your mistakes can create a big mess in your event and leave a negative impression on your attendees’ mind.  Having a detailed checklist of the things you need to take care of during your event planning phase can help you ensure that you do not miss out on anything,

What are the 6 basic elements that an event manager must plan Most importantly

Here is a list of things that you need to take into account when you are planning for an event to ensure you cover all the important areas that are needed to conduct a successful event.

1. Set your target

You need to have a clear idea about what you want to achieve through the event. 

Whether it is just a small conference or a huge event, having a goal in mind always makes the journey easy.

However, you need to keep in mind that the target you set for your event is realistic.

Consider the following things,
  • Be specific about the ideas you have in your mind for your event. 
  • Select a suitable event theme. 
  • What type of experience you want to give to your event attendees. 
  • What is the main objective behind your event?

Having straight-forward answers to these questions will help you plan for your event more efficiently and will also get you closer to success.

2. Identify your target audience

Once you set a target for your event, make sure you know for whom you have set the goal.

Identifying and understanding your target audience is the first step that you take towards your success.

There are mainly three things that you need to keep in your mind and they are

  • Sort and select your target audience. 
  • Find out the place where you can get them. 
  • Find a way to get in touch with them.

The event planning phase must involve your target prospects and their preferences.

Knowing your target audience includes the following things:

  • Who are they? 
  • Understanding their demographics. 
  • What do they like and are interested in?

Answering these basic questions solve 90% of the task of knowing them. Once you know them, it becomes easier for you to create content for them.

3. Select a suitable event venue

Venue selection is a crucial part of event planning and it mostly depends on your event objective and your target audience. It has a direct connection with what your company is expecting to achieve from the event.

Here is how the event venue influences your event
  • Event ambience: being an event manager, it is your responsibility to give your attendees a comfortable event ambience and that to a great extent depends on the type of venue you select for the event. For example choosing a casual setting for a formal conference or meeting may turn off your attendees failing the entire event.
  • Event budget : the event venue puts a great impact on the overall budget of your event. This is because choosing an over expensive venue may force you to compromise on other aspects of the event. Similarly, a cheap event venue may fail to impress your audience. So you need to select a venue that is budget-friendly and fulfills your requirements.
  • Attendee participation: your event venue greatly influences the attendee participation. An event venue needs to be chosen on the basis of the number of attendees who are going to grace your event. For example, you select a venue that does not have enough space for your audience to be comfortable or it is situated in a location that is difficult to find then your audiences would not be interested in joining the event.

To help your attendees find the event location easily, you can add the Google Maps addon offered by WP Event Manager to your events website. It not only displays the event location properly but also your attendees track their nearby events.

4. Select a suitable time

Just like the event venue, selecting a suitable time for your event is equally important. There are several things that need to be kept in mind while determining the timing for your event.

Consider the following things:
  • The availability of your target audience. 
  • The time duration of your event. 
  • How long will it take for the entire setup?
  • If the venue is available for booking on your selected date. 
  • If there is any other special event scheduled to be held on the same day.

Choosing an event time based on the above mentioned things help you plan everything smoothly in your event.

5. Create content to connect with your target audience

Content plays a great role in keeping the spirit of your attendees high before the event. This ultimately encourages them to show up on the actual event day.

  • Build content for your audience, keeping their tastes and preferences in mind.
  • Make sure event related content contains all the necessary information that your target audience wants from you. 
  • It must be attractive as well as interactive. 
  • Don’t make your content purely promotional as it often turns off your audience.

6. Build and event marketing plan

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of planning a successful event. If you fail to frame up a solid event marketing strategy all the effort that you have put into managing your event goes in vain. Make sure you utilize both online and offline platforms for promoting your events. In fact, online event promotion offers better chances of reaching out to your target audience. There are different ways of promoting events online.

Consider the following things,
  • Recognize your target customers and create a message that they can relate to.
  • Identify the channels to trace and reach out to them. 
  • Your marketing plan should have a specific timeline that must be based on the actual event timing.
  • Create a method to monitor and measure the success of your event. 
  • You must ensure that you have a striking and informative events website from where your attendees can access all the necessary details of your event. 
  • Make sure you have a team to handle the entire marketing process seamlessly and on time.

Your marketing strategies can go a long way if you follow all the above mentioned things. When you are preparing to promote your event online, make ysure you include digital marketing as well as traditional marketing methods. Dont forget to add personalized email marketing and social media marketing to get the best results for your event promotion.

Why do you need an event management software to successfully plan an event

Whether small or big, managing an event is truly a challenging task. A lot of things are to be kept in mind to ensure everything runs smoothly on the event day. Starting from selecting a suitable date, time and venue to catering services and other technical issues everything needs to be on point. The task seems to be a huge burden especially if you take the entire responsibility on your shoulders.

That is why having a good event management software beside you to support you in this process can help you handle the process easily. You can consider WP Event Manager as a partner who is going to take care of each and every step of your event management episode.

Here are the reasons why you must have WP Event Manager to handle your events like a pro,

  • It allows you to create an event calendar on your website, sell tickets, manage registrations and guests easily. 
  • It helps you achieve your marketing goals with personalized experience. 
  • It offers a plethora of addons to fulfill each of your event management requirements.
  • The plugin is packed with powerful features.
  • The premium addons are affordable and available in bundles for bulk purchase. 
  • SEO friendly. 
  • Offers an amazing support for its premium plugins. 
  • Multi-language support. 
  • Hundreds of positive reviews from real customers. 
  • It lets you manage multiple events at once. 
  • Helps you automate recurring event management and more.

To get the details of all its addons and their features, discover the plugin now,


We hope that this article will be helpful for you in planning a successful event. You just have to plan everything and WP Event Manager will take care of the rest.

What Are The 6 Basic Elements That An Event Manager Must Plan Most Importantly
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