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YostratO exceeded their client The Ton’s expectations with WP Event Manager

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YostratO is a well-recognized website development company in England that aims to convert their client’s vision into reality.

YostratO is a well-recognized website development company in England that aims to convert their client’s vision into reality. They create websites with striking designs and concepts for businesses who want to build or amp up their online presence.  The team of web designers in yostratO is capable of handling any type of website designing services starting from building portfolio sites to comprehensive e-commerce sites.

They tackle each and every project with utmost care and concentration to provide every business the best solution for their requirements. One of their esteemed clients is The Ton that has played the role of a bridge between YostratO and WP Event Manager. To make the story clearer to you let us introduce you to The Ton.

The Ton is a leading investment platform that has been working real hard in building exclusive networks for entrepreneurs and investors to create global collaboration across several industries. They are a Family Office Events Team that conducts virtual and in-person events for investors to help them gain knowledge about businesses and choose to make investments in carefully selected projects.

The founder of The Ton Sieg de Vater started his journey from family offices and established The Ton to build a platform for his trusted network of investors to connect them with exciting opportunities. Several well-known speakers have participated in many events hosted by The Ton to share their invaluable insights on financial, media and technological services.

So what makes The Ton different from its competitors? Well, they follow an invitation-only policy and work with their trusted, long-term investors that the founder has gained in his journey of 30 years in this industry, they initiate events in UK and Europe and manage them through their website.

Inspiration behind the project

When The Ton started spreading its wings, they realized their existing website is not enough to handle the boost in the number of their events and the flow of bookings. Although they continued to promote their events and services, they needed a better and technologically advanced website to fulfill their requirements including the capability to tackle bulk bookings without troubling the users.

The web development team of YostratO supported The Ton to build their website with a simple and straight-forward front end that helps users to navigate the site effortlessly.

While describing their website the founder said “The new website, created by web development team YostratO, is unique. Thanks to its simple and straightforward front end that allows users to navigate the site with ease whilst hiding a complex and ever-changing backend system. Our website is built to expand in the future, so no matter our client levels, the site can handle the traffic and bookings we receive on a global scale. “

YostratO created their website keeping their ideas and requirements in mind. When The Ton expressed their need for an event manager, they started looking for a suitable plugin that can efficiently handle their needs and expectations. 

Mr. Seig De Vater said “We were introduced to YostratO, through an existing client of The Ton. YostratO took our ideas and requirements into account when building us a unique site. When we explained the need for an event manager, they set to work on finding a suitable plugin that would be able to handle our requirements and expectations.”

Challenges faced by YostratO

The Ton wanted a seamless booking system for their events so that their investors can easily make bookings for their private events and their previous website lacked this quality. They wanted to have an error-free booking system with various filters and the capability to handle multiple event bookings on their new website.

According to YostratO the biggest challenge that they faced while building their new site was to find an efficient and suitable event management plugin that would not only work well with their design but also offer them the right kind of support in the front and backend of the site. They left no stone unturned in initiating detailed research on various event management plugins that could easily carry their multi-location event details.

How did they find WP Event Manager?

The web developers in YostratO have spent ample amount of time to find the best plugin for The Ton that could satisfy all their requirements to make their website successful. During their search operation they have come across various plugins but most of them lacked important features or were buggy or did not have an easy-to-handle backend system. According to them the backend was as important as the front end as they needed to handle it without developers’ support.

Their long term search finally ended at WP Event Manager. They were thoroughly impressed with our UI and UX design and the support team. So they say yes to us. 

The founder Danial Williams said “WP Event Manager has a pleasing UI and UX design and is aesthetically pleasing to work with. It was found through extensive research over a period of time. WP Event Manager has an excellent online support system. They are proactive and helpful, quick to offer direct log in support rather than pushing back to the web dev team. “

He further added “The look and feel of the front and backend tools are slick with a friendly UI and UX feature. The feature set is vibrant and expandable – we currently only use about 40% of the plugin’s capabilities. Still, we know we have the ability to expand in the future as needed. “


The team at The Ton was in search of an easy to use plugin as they are not Tech-savvy people.Thankfully WP Event Manager has fulfilled all their needs to manage their family office events efficiently without having much technical expertise.

“At The Ton, we are not the most technology-forward team, so it was important we could work with a plugin that was straightforward and simple to operate. WP Event Manager has ticked every box to manage our private family office events, providing a simple but complex system where we can upload and hold all our event data for our clients to view and choose.” Seig De Vater.

Talking about their previous website Mr.Vater stated that the old website lacked necessary features and was quite archaic.

“The previous website was quite archaic, using ‘sticky plasters’ to hold it together. Whilst it looked like a simplistic site, it was complicated and almost impossible for us to manage. The site was not scalable, and we were limited in what we could achieve as a growing business. Moving over to WP Event Manager took much of this stress, time and effort away – particularly in the setting up and managing events. The frontend events page looks better than before, with a great UI design. “


While explaining about the results of using WP Event Manager, Daniel Williams also shared how much they have struggled  to find us and also the extent of satisfaction they received with our plugin and support team.

“Our biggest challenge when developing the site was understanding how the WP Event Manager plugin would work alongside the existing plugins on the site, such as caching and configuring the plugin correctly due to its extensive capability and feature settings. We received support from the online team during this time. “

“We struggled to find a plugin that would configure the way we wanted to be able to search for events on the site, and WP Event Manager provided the perfect solution for this. One of the plugin’s best features is the ability to search and find event modules. Users can search and find events easily and for us, managing the backend is straightforward and simplistic.“

The most flexible event system and tool that we have discovered to date, wrapped with an extremely friendly support team
Daniel Williams, Ceo
Yostrato Exceeded Their Client The Ton’s Expectations With Wp Event Manager
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