5 Effective Ways To Use LinkedIn For Event Marketing

LinkedIn is by far the most professional social network you can find on the Internet right now. It has benefited by transitioning into a professional social network from a business networking site. But can you conduct your event marketing on LinkedIn? Can you take advantage of the huge database of active members to promote your events?

Well, let’s tell you how you can conduct your event marketing in a few simple steps using our tips on LinkedIn.

Ways To Use LinkedIn For Event Marketing

{bctt tweet=” If you already use LinkedIn but don’t know how to make the most of it for event marketing, here are 5 amazing ways you can use to conduct your event marketing and increase your reach using LinkedIn.”]

1. Tap in LinkedIn Groups or Create your own

LinkedIn Groups are a great way to make your event’s mark and let people know about it. The best idea for event marketing on LinkedIn is to use existing groups, that have similar interests to your events. You can search for them easily using keywords and join the groups.

Always check out the group rules; if they allow you to post about your event in the group. LinkedIn Marketing can often be done perfectly by contacting the admins of the groups and telling them about how you want to promote your event. This approach works best if your event is of the recurring type, but also works well if it’s a one-off.

Alternatively, you can create your own LinkedIn group, but this step takes a bit of time as it will take time to add people and prove the credibility of the group.

2. Use LinkedIn Invitations

LinkedIn is one hell of a place if you know how to use it properly for your event marketing. If you can learn how to master their search features, you can use the Advanced People Search option and then filter out results through keywords, industries, demographics, and other options.

Once you can find people who have similar interests to your events, you can send them invitations. These people will not only be your potential attendees but will also help you in promoting your event.

3. Mention people involved in your events and use their popularity

Everybody likes to be recognized. Whether they are your speakers or sponsors or volunteers, they would love a shoutout, and in return, you can utilize them to promote your events on LinkedIn. Ensure that they are tagged in the posts too. It’s equally useful for your event marketing as it creates links.

4. Company Updates

Once you have uploaded your events on your WP Event Manager’s Event Calendar on your event’s site, it is time to update the same on LinkedIn as well. If you have a company page, you can share links to your events calendar on that page. You can also share pictures from past events.

Ways To Use LinkedIn For Event Marketing

5. Personal updates and posts

LinkedIn Personal profiles are one of the great tools on the network for event marketing. Never take them for granted. Nowadays, a lot of people are active on LinkedIn because of the professional capabilities of the website.

Every likes and comment counts. Start posting about your event on your personal profiles, or you can share links/updates as well. Event marketing is a vital aspect of any event, and nothing is better for marketing than personal posts.

The great thing about posts on your profile is that they are searchable even if people haven’t added you to their network. This is great for Event marketing purposes as your posts reach people beyond your network and interests as well.

While doing this, try not to over-do it and follow all the LinkedIn guidelines. Keep it relevant, and make sure that there are no problems with your events and your profile.


As you have already read, there are tons of ways to use LinkedIn efficiently and effectively for your event marketing. You don’t have to pay any money for LinkedIn Premium as the features you get in the normal version are more than enough for you.

Once you get your grip on this brilliant network, there’s so much you can do with the right event marketing strategies without spending any money on it.