It is so hard to find a good, simple event feed. In the past, I have just made my client’s blogs into their event feed (which is not ideal), or I’ve tried to make do with ugly, awkward event feeds. I am super happy with what I was able to do with this plugin and with very little time put into the CSS. So – This plugin does have more features that my client needs, but it is very easy to pare down the CSS to make it clean. If you want a super streamlined set of events for one single client, here is the CSS I used to clean out all of the extra stuff. Of course, I am using colors for my client (a farm museum), but you can easily poke though and swap things out to make it your own. I annotated so you can see what each css item does. (NOTE: I formatted the event Location field and I am now using it to display a short excerpt on the event feed page….) Anyway – I highly recommend this plugin. I wish I found it sooner!!