5 Useful Techniques To Do Event Marketing On Facebook

Facebook can be a goldmine for people who can hit that jackpot. For people who want to do event marketing, the sky’s the limit when it comes to Facebook. You just need to know how to do it, which is exactly why we are here today. Read below on how you can use Facebook for event marketing without paying anything.

Best ways to utilize Facebook for event marketing

Now, if you are looking for ways to conduct your event marketing on Facebook without paying, you are in the right place. Find the best ways below:

Event Marketing On Facebook

1. Add sharing buttons to your event calendar and listings

The first step you can deploy to start your event marketing is to add the Facebook sharing buttons on your event calendar. If you are looking for an event calendar for your website, you can use the best out there, which is the WP Event Manager’s Calendar.

Once you’ve set up your event calendar on your events website, the next step is to add sharing buttons to your calendar’s page. You can use any plugin or built-in functionality for that purpose.

2. An events page on Facebook

The next step for your event marketing is to create a Facebook page for your event. Don’t worry. A Facebook events page is a simple page that you can use for your events’ identity, posts, and so much more. Facebook marketing starts from a Facebook page.

So, create one now. Display your events on your page. You can create events using your business account on Facebook as it allows you the option to link it back to your website. For ticket sales, Facebook doesn’t have options. That’s a plus for you since you can just redirect the tickets page to your website where anyone can purchase tickets.

Event Marketing On Facebook

3. Keep everything up to date on your page

Facebook operates on the simple logic of your regular posting and their regular giving you traffic. That’s why event marketing is such awesome to do when combined with Facebook marketing. When you create your Facebook page, add all the required information.

When adding events on Facebook, make sure there is all the required information there because people will read that. Ask people to subscribe to your events tab so they can receive notifications whenever you post a new event or update an older one.

4. Keep up a pinned post

Now, this may be a cover photo or a profile picture, or just another post that has a lot of information inside it. This can also just be text, but we recommend a photo since it brings out better interactions and more traffic. Make sure it has all the necessary information, and voila!

Event Marketing On Facebook

5. Create regular and catchy status updates

By far, the most important step of event marketing on Facebook is to create catchy stuff that brings the attention of your events to the public. Facebook likes attractive posts that can attract new people. When you put engaging content out there, Facebook will take it to potential attendees.

That’s what you want. Once you start putting content that is liked by people more often, you will be successful at event marketing. You can do the same for your events website as well, as it could use creative and catchy content as well.


There are no limits when it comes to Facebook marketing. The potential reach is increasing every day, and you must take advantage of it by conducting your event marketing on Facebook. It is easy and simple yet so effective. You can do so much by simply posting your events on Facebook.

So, try Facebook event marketing today and increase your reach and potential customers massively. You can also use Facebook’s advertising tools to take it to the next level, but that would, of course, be costly. If you can afford it, check it out too. Happy marketing!