Google Maps

Help your attendees find your event location without any obstacle in the most colorful and prominent way with the Google Maps plugin.

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Features You'll Love

Highlight your event location on Google Map and also identify other events near you

Google Map Marker

Google Map Marker

Highlight the location of your events with an indicator image or icon on your website.

Google Map autocomplete

Google Map autocomplete

Accelerate the process of searching locations with a type-ahead-search pattern and save time.

Location Filters

Location Filters

Narrow down the event search results based on the event location.

Find Events Easily

Show the right direction to your attendees.

Quick Event Search
Use filters to search events occurring in specific locations.
Select Distance Units
Choose your preferred distance unit( miles or kilometers) on Google Maps.
Clear Search Results
Get search results with markers to highlight the event location.
Map for every event
Get separate Google Map for every event detail page showing proper event location.
Map View
Customize your Google Maps with attractive styles and affects based on your preference.
Use a shortcode, to display all your events on a single Map.

Academics & Classes
NGO & Charities
Virtual & Online Events
Concerts & Parties

Make it easy for students to reach their classes on time without hassle.

Utilize the power of Google Maps to drive the mass towards your charity events.

let your friends and family participate in your event on time with happy faces using Google Maps.

let nothing come in between your event and attendees by ensuring them a comfortable journey with Google map

let attendees enjoy every moment in a concert or party without wasting time on finding the venue with Google Maps.

Google Maps Features

Utilize the power of Google Maps and colorfully display your event location.

Google map styling wizard

Add various effects and style your google maps view based on your preference with the Google Maps styling wizard.

Search made easy with filters

Speed up the process of searching locations by filtering them on the basis of the location details you mention in your search field.

Radius mapping

Let your attendees find out the events that are happening within a defined radius around them.

Google Maps cluster Markers

Get a clustered view of the Google Maps Markers when multiple events are taking place near you.

Quick Event View on Map

Display all your events on a single Google Map using shortcode.

Mouse Wheel To Zoom On The Map

Easily zoom in and zoom out your preferred location on the Map with your mouse wheel.

Quick Event View on Map

Make the journey of your attendees super smooth by showing them the best route for your event destination with Google Maps.

Current location tracking

Find out the events taking place near your current location.

Map type

Select your preferred map display type from the available options that include roadmap, satellite, hybrid and terrain display.


Events Proximity Search

Events Proximity Search

Proximity refers to nearness. The Google map enables users to apply search filters and get access to those events in the specified location. These events are then displayed on the large maps along with the specific event’s location in search results.

Proximity (Radius Based) Search Query

Proximity (Radius Based) Search Query

Sometimes users may want to neglect travel and find a relatable event nearby.. The add on facilitates by providing event results based on the locality of the user. Visitors only get to see the events that are going to take place in a defined radius around them.

Distance Units

Distance Units

The difference between miles and kilometers may seem innocent. But sometimes they cause confusion for visitors when you list events that attract an audience from around the globe. If your website is one such global platform, attracting an international audience, then this add-on is crucial. Without any bit of coding knowledge, you can provide more clarity to your users by allowing them to choose distance units. A drop-down menu gives users the option to choose either miles or kilometers.

Sort-by Dropdown Menu

Sort-by Dropdown Menu

This add-on enhances the filter feature provided by giving a new sort drop-down menu. Users can order events based on distance, title, featured, and date.

Results on Google Map

Results on Google Map

A visual representation is even more impactful than any other form of consumption. Search results are displayed on maps using markers that portray the event’s location in the results.

Google Address Autocomplete

Google Address Autocomplete

This feature of Google Maps enables users to get automated suggestions for their address in the search bar. Our intelligent add-on will automatically generate a list of locations that are similar in spelling to the words you have typed. Thus, the visitor saves precious time and receives a rich and smooth experience using this feature.

Google Map at Single Event Page

Google Map at Single Event Page

Every individual/single event page will have its own map featuring the location of the event.

All Event Map Shortcode

All Event Map Shortcode

A single shortcode reveals all events on the map. Events are shown based on location, keyword, and category, etc.

Google Map Styling Wizard

Google Map Styling Wizard

How about customizing the map’s view? The plugin allows you to style your map. Just simple copying and pasting of a JSON and bang on, the standard maps can now be customized with various effects and styling.

Google Maps General Settings at Admin Panel

Google Maps General Settings at Admin Panel

At the backend, there are plenty of settings that can be modified. The google map general settings under the umbrella of settings allow you to decide on how the Map would function on your website. Go to settings and access Google Map General Settings to change the maps to your convenience.

Google Maps Search Form Settings at Admin Panel

Google Maps Search Form Settings at Admin Panel

By accessing the Google Map Search Form Settings tab you can modify the behavior of the search filters that appear along with the plugin’s search filters.

Google Maps Single Page Settings at Admin Panel

Google Maps Single Page Settings at Admin Panel

The Backend also provides a developer to decide upon the presence or removal of the google map on the single event page. This setting is present under the single event page settings. Make several modifications to the map without any trouble. You can do these using the options present in the single event page settings.

How Do Licence Keys Work?

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Will I Receive Updates For Purchased Plugins?

Yes, an automatic updater is included inside each plugin/add-on. This requires your licence key to function and you’ll receive updates for as long as your licence key is valid.

Do You Offer Support For Purchased Plugins If I Need Help?

Yep. If you have a valid licence you’ll be able to use our support systems for help.

Do I Need To Renew My License?

If you want to continue support and update then you need to renew license.Licenses are valid for one year from the date of purchase. When your license expires you’ll be able to renew your key via your account page.

Am I Allowed To Use The Add-ons On Many Sites?

After purchasing a plugin you’ll receive a key via email (or you can visit your account page). This key can be activated from your WordPress dashboard’s plugin page. It can also be deactivated and reactivated on other sites when required.

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Wp event manager plugin is very clean plugin in terms of code. The plugin is fast and does not impact the design of the theme too. I am using this plugin for my blogs and I am loving it totally. Best event management plugin in WordPress. Good job team .

Jitendra Vaswani

WP Event Manager is an amazing plugin to work with - as an administrator, as an end user and as a developer. Finally a WordPress events plugin with front-end submission & management! Integrating WPEM with PeepSo was a breeze thanks to the abundance of hooks and easy to read source code.

Matt Jaworski
Founder & CTO

WP Event Manager is a very impressive tool for publishing event details on a WordPress website. The add-ons bring lots of extra functionality to your site, but the free version is still a capable tool.

Joe Fylan
Content Writer

It’s extremely easy to create and customize events. You just need a few clicks and your event is live.

Adelina Țucă
Content Writer

This is a great plugin for Event Management and event plugin with the most complete feature.

John Mamad

WP Event Manager is surely the awesome plugin that every event management company would like to have it.

Arti Arora

Compatibility between Visual Composer and WP Event Manager allows you to create a website for different events without leaving the frontend editor.

Linda Ragaine
Digital Marketing Specialist - Visual Composer

WP Event Manager is a plugin that is simple to set up and easy to use. The plugin is perfect for websites that need event functionality on their site. It integrates well with any theme and the free version offers a good range of functionality.

Nick Schäferhoff
Entrepreneur & Online Marketer

One of the most unique features is that, even with the free version, you (or other people) can manage events from both the frontend and backend. Most other plugins only work from the backend, at least in their free versions. This opens up a lot of flexibility, especially around any type of event directory site. The ability to add your own custom fields also makes it very easy to customize WP Event Manager to your needs, even in the free version. Overall, that’s most of what you can do with the free version, which is already quite flexible. But with the Pro add-ons, you can unlock a lot more features.

Harsh Agrawal
A Blogger, Author and a speaker

All in all the WP Event Manager is a great tool if you are into organising events, talks, shows and programs. Whether it is a small time thing, or a multimillion dollar company, WP Event Manager has something for every scale of business.


WP Event Manager plugin is one of the best plugin to create events on WordPress website. This is really easy to use, customize and developer friendly plugin. They provide best support to help you in anyway for this plugin. It has numbers of features and extra add-ons available to extend event functionality on your site. If you are looking for all-in-one event solution for your website then, WP Event Manager will be best choice for you!

Chetan Prajapati
WordPress Noteworthy Core Contributor

Loved it. I had to make my own site where I can invite organizers to host events and then advertise it to prospects to get attendees for the events. So far I am using the plugin, it is coded well with SEO point of view as well. I am delighted to have the free plugin.

Vashishtha Kapoor

Considering the fact that event listing websites are a robust way of keeping you aware of all the happenings around you. WP Event Manager plugin is a great addition in this respect. Despite being relatively new, it is incredibly performant free WordPress plugin which helps you build an event listing website. ✅Clean code, proper documentation, and support make it fun and easy to extend for custom use. Also, the fact that it makes use of native WordPress UI and structure, makes it easy to get started with it. And the availability of the .pot file helps you easily translate it to any language. Kudos to the entire team. Cheers! ✌

Ahmad Awais
Award-winning Dev Advocate & WordPress Core Contributor

I’m impressed with the vast and easy to set up customization options. I would say that it is a handy plugin to create the event WordPress sites within minutes.

Nirmala Santhakumar

Easy to use and configure as well as it is versatile plugin which can use with any types of events. Excellent support and extendibility through premium add-ons.

Devesh Sharma
WordPress Expert & Owner

Event manager plugin is “must have” if you want to turn your WordPress website into an event management portal. Event management plugins allow you to display all relevant information for events into one place.

Matija Kasapović

WP Event Manager is easy to use and set up. It only takes a few minutes to get up and going. And I like that it includes a setup wizard to automatically create all the necessary pages.

Oliver Dale

WP Event Manager is a WordPress plugin for creating event listings. You can either display your own events or invite others to register and submit their events on your website. This event management tool will help you organize and promote your event listings in a single dashboard.

Shayla Price
Digital Marketer

I was very impressed how fast and easy it was to set up the plugin. After installation, it literally took just two clicks to create the pages and shortcodes for a basic event management system. This is a valuable plugin that many WordPress users can benefit from.

David Coleman
Award Winning Online Marketer and Brand Developer

WP Event Manager is first of all super easy to use. I had it up and running in a matter of minutes. But it also has a lot of customization options. The field editor is really awesome! You can basically change/add/remove any field that you see on the back-end and front-end event submission forms. This allows you to build something tailored specifically for your event. The developers are very generous as the number of options in the free version of this plugin will surprise you. We’ve even noticed that users rave about the developer support for the free version of the plugin.

Brian Jackson
Chief Marketing Officer

It is a lightweight, open-source event management plugin loaded with tons of powerful features and functionalities. WP Event Manager is optimized to be intuitive and user-friendly so that anyone with no technical skill also can easily work with it. This incredible event manager has got everything that you will ever need for your event listing WordPress websites.

Prithu Singh Thakuri

Event manager plugin is “must have” if you want to turn your WordPress website into an event management portal. Event management plugins allow you to display all relevant information for events into one place.

Francisco Perez

I am using this plugin from the very first days of its release. I made some website for my clients and recommended to many people via blog and personal message. This plugins has very cool features. Even the free version has tons of required features to manage the event. Besides that, I used this plugin for temporary event websites and it really help to manage a lots of things easily in dashboard. Thank you so much for creating this awesome plugin! Kudos to the team.

Sandilya Kafle

Tried this plugin for a few days now. I highly recommend it. It comes with plenty of awesome features and has built in the form management as well as many other features to convert your WordPress blog into a full-fledged event platform. Haven’t tried other premium addons but free version is already offering a lof of value.

Manish Patel
Enterprenuer and internet marketer.

If you’re looking for a WordPress event calendar & event management plugin that has tight integration with Elementor, your best option WP Event Manager.

Colin Newcomer
Digital Marketing Specialist

WP Event Manager is a very nice system for managing events on your WordPress site. It's lightweight and makes it easy to display and sell tickets to events.

Jack Arturo
Tech Lead

WP Event Manager is a Wonderful WordPress Event plugin packed up with great features and add-ons. The team is very much responsive and hard working. Thanks for such a great addition to WordPress community.

Jazib Zaman

WP Event Manager is one of the most comprehensive event WordPress plugins available in the market. The user-friendly settings and detailed guidance make this plugin stand out. WP Event Manager plugin along with it’s add-ons can be the best solution for any event website.

Dhiraj Das