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Add custom field in Search filter

Creating a custom event search filter

WP Event Manager’s [Events] shortcode will show a search filter on top. if you want to add a custom filter in the top section you can add it via hook or overriding via template files.

It is possible to add new filters to the search form by adding a field and then modifying the search queries using filters.

  1. Open your child theme,
  2. Add the code into the funtions.php file.

    Here is an example field:

     * Adding via filter or you can directly add in a template file
       add_action( 'event_manager_event_filters_search_events_end', 'filter_by_country_field' );
       function filter_by_country_field() { ?>
    <div class="wpem-row">
    	<div class="wpem-col">
    		<div class="wpem-form-group">
    				<div class="search_event_types">
    				<label for="search_event_types" class="wpem-form-label"><?php _e( 'Country', 'event_manager' ); ?></label>
    				<select name="filter_by_country" class="event-manager-filter">
    					<option value=""><?php _e( 'Select country', 'event_manager' ); ?></option>
    					<option value="de"><?php _e( 'Germany', 'event_manager' ); ?></option>
    					<option value="in"><?php _e( 'India', 'event_manager' ); ?></option>
    					<option value="us"><?php _e( 'USA', 'event_manager' ); ?></option>
     * This code gets your posted field and modifies the event search query
    add_filter( 'event_manager_get_listings', 'filter_by_country_field_query_args', 10, 2 );
    function filter_by_country_field_query_args( $query_args, $args ) {
        if ( isset( $_POST['form_data'] ) ) {
            parse_str( $_POST['form_data'], $form_data );
            // If this is set, we are filtering by country
            if ( ! empty( $form_data['filter_by_country'] ) ) {
                $event_country = sanitize_text_field( $form_data['filter_by_country'] );
                $query_args['meta_query'][] = array(
                            'key'     => '_event_country',
                            'value'   => $event_country,
        return $query_args;
  3. Save Changes.
  4. Create a new field in the field editor(WP-Admin >> Event Manager >> Field Editor).
  5. The field created should be with the meta key value( _event_country).
  6. The placeholder should contain the same value, as provided in the code( de | in | us).
  7. Save changes.
  8. Link your Events with the country and finally you can filter them on the frontend.
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