The event submission form

The event submission form?

For showing event submission form, User need to create page from pages menu at admin panel and must add shortcode [submit_event_form] or also can add shortcode in template file which bound with created page.



Create a new page, name it something along the lines of Submit event and then inside the content area add the shortcode:


It is best to insert the shortcode into the ‘text’ view of the visual editor to ensure it gets formatted correctly.

The event submission form


Event submission steps

Step 1 – Event Detail and organizer Detail



This field’s display varies depending on your settings.

  • If the user is logged in, the form row data shows “Your account : You are currently signed in as (your username). Sign out”
  • If the user is logged out, accounts are not mandatory, and “Allow account creation” is disabled this shows a sign in link.
  • If the user is logged out, accounts are mandatory, and “Allow account creation” is disabled the form is disabled.
  • If the user is logged out, accounts are mandatory, and “Allow account creation” is enabled an email field is shown to allow signup.


After the account section, first part of the form contains the Event Details:

Event Details

  • Event Title
  • Event Type e.g. Drama
  • Event Category
  • Online Event
  • Event Address
  • Event Location
  • Event Banner
  • Event Description
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Ticket Options
  • Link To Event Page
  • Registration Deadline

If categories are enabled in the settings that field will also be visible.


Event submission steps


Organizer Details

  • Organizer name
  • Logo
  • Organizer Description
  • Contact Person Name
  • Organization Email
  • Website
  • Video
  • Youtube
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Xing
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

These fields will be pre-filled where appropriate if the user is logged in and has submitted a event in the past.


Organizer Details


Step 2 – Preview




The preview page shows the event details which have been submitted in the style of a single event listing. The user may click “Edit” to change the details of their listing, or “Submit” to submit their listing for viewing or approval (depending on your settings).

Step 3 – Confirmation

After submitting listing, Organizer (User) will get short message about status of their newly created listing.

Customisation of the event submission form

You add, edit or remove fields from event submission form using filters. You can check the tutorial for editing fields.