Embeddable Event Widget

Embeddable Event Widget

Event Listing Owner (Organizer/User) can generate embed code using Embeddable Event Widget plugin. This embed code can display organizer’s event listings wherever they use this code.

You can install Embeddable Event Widget plugin using 2 different ways:
[1] Automatic Installation : You can install plugin from backend of your WordPress. Click Here to see how you can do automatic installation.
[2] Manual Installation : You can install plugin manually using SFTP or FTP tool as well. Click Here to see how you can do manual installation.
Watch this video for more clarification.
How To Create Embeddable Widget Form using Shortcode?
Once you installed and activated the plugin, create a new page from WP-admin >> Pages >> Add New and name it something along the lines of “Embeddable Event Widget” or “Embeddable Events Listing” and then inside the content area add the shortcode:
It is best to insert the shortcode into the text’ view of the visual editor to ensure it gets formatted correctly.
The Shortcode Setup
The [embeddable_event_widget_generator] shortcode will give following output at the frontend side:
Create Embeddable Widget
How To Get Widget Embed Code?
On installing this plugin, your website becomes ready to generate embed code with help of [embeddable_event_widget_generator] shortcode. What is noteworthy about this widget is that you can literally specify what kind of events this code will display. You can use the fields (that you can see in the above image) to specify what events to show and some specifications about the widget’s behavior. So you just need to specify the details and click “Get Widget Embed Code”.
The Embeddable Widget Form contains the following options:
  • Keyword which searches for events that match the keywords provided.
  • Location which searches for events within a certain location.
  • Display Count which controls how many events get displayed.
  • Show Pagination which shows a next/previous pagination link in the widget to show more results.
  • Categories to limit the events based on selected categories.
  • Event Type which limit the events based on selected event types.
After setting up options for the widget, click on “Get Widget Embed Code” button. It will show two sections – one is a Preview of your widget and second is Code which you can paste wherever you want or into any website (it doesn’t have to be a WordPress site) to display the events.
Embed Code Generator Form
How To Display Event Listings On Facebook Page?
We added this feature because we know how beneficial it is to promote your events on facebook. So use this embed code and show off the contents of your and reach more users.
Click On This Link and follow the steps mentioned on that guide for displating the event listings on facebook page.
Show Event Listings At Facebook Page Tab
Advanced: Overriding/Customizing the Widget Template Files

For overriding or customization template files can be found in the wp-event-manager-embeddable-event-widget/templates/ directory. To override a template file, first you need to create directory “wp-event-manager-embeddable-event-widget” under your theme folder and copy the template file to “/wp-content/yourtheme/wp-event-manager-embeddable-event-widget/” directory. Your theme will use all the template files from the “/wp-content/yourtheme/wp-event-manager-embeddable-event-widget/” directory instead of the plugin’s template file (/wp-content/plugins/wp-event-manager-embeddable-event-widget/).

  • form-embed-code-generator-form.php which contains the embed code generator form.
  • embed-code-css.php which contains the CSS contained in the embed.
  • embed-code.php which contains the main embed code script.
  • content-embeddable-widget-event_listing.php which contains the output of each events listing.

Remember: If you have overrided template file and plugin frequently updating then you need to sync template file with new updates from the plugin’s template file for better functionality and new features.