Installation of WP Event Manager

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Automatic Installation

Using WordPress, you can complete installing the plugin with a few clicks. You can add WP Event Manager using the dashboard given to you in the backend of the CMS. To install the plugin: 1. Login to WordPress using your username/email and password. wp login 2. Once you are logged into your dashboard, go to Plugins->Add new, in the sidebar on the left. Automatic installation 3. Now, go to Keyword text box and type WP events manager. WordPress will load several plugins. 4. Locate and click on WP Event Manager. 5. Click Install Now, then Activate. 6. Once you click Activate, you shall be taken to the Setup Wizard. Here you can setup pages for your website. 7. Click Continue to Page Setup. Installation step 1 8. Next, click “Create select pages”. Installation step 2 9. WP Event Manager will create pages using preset shortcodes on your site. Installation step 3 10. Enjoy the plugin!! 🙂

Manual Installation with backend

1. Please download the plugin zip file from here. 2.Go to WP-admin -> Plugins -> Add new -> Upload Plugin -> Choose File. Manual plugin zip upload 3.Locate the zip file in your local drive and upload it. 4.Click Install Now. 5.Next, click on Activate Plugin. Activate WPEM now These steps should help you complete installing the plugin.

Manual installation with FTP

If you intend to install the plugin using manual means then look at the steps below. Prerequisites: A FTP program or access to the cpanel of your server. 1. Download the plugin and unzip it. 2. Using your FTP software or cpanel, access the server. 3. Go to directory/wp-content/plugins/. 4. Upload the unzipped plugin folder to this destination. 5. Now log into your WordPress dashboard. 6. Go to Plugins-> Installed Plugins. 7. Locate the WP Events Manager. Click Activate. Follow the steps presented by the Setup Wizard to complete setting up the pages.