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10 Exciting Community Event Ideas to Bring Everyone Together

Community events help community members to come together and bond, participate in local activities, raise awareness about particular societal issues, and volunteer their skills to give back to their community.

Here are 10 engaging community event ideas that your local community will love:

10 Engaging Community Event Ideas

Film Screening

From teenagers to adults, everyone loves watching a good film with a few tasty snacks to munch on! Host it as a virtual community event first to test the waters.

It is recommended that you select a film that helps address a specific problem in your community. You can follow the film screening with a discussion about the themes present in the movie and how they relate to your community. Make sure that the film is available in high-quality resolution with clear subtitles so that everyone can enjoy it.

Not looking for intense movies? You can start your film screenings with lighthearted comedies or thrillers to capture the interest of your local community!


When it comes to community events, there’s no way you can go wrong with a quiz! Platforms such as Kahoot can help you turn it into a virtual community event.

The first step is deciding the genre of your quiz questions. You can choose to ask questions about the history of your local community to help the masses learn more about your community. This way, participants will be able to relate more to the quiz content.

The best part? You don’t even need a huge budget to pull this off!

To make things more exciting, you can award the top three winners with a prize. Doing so will incentivize the participation of local community members in future quiz community events.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is another fun community event idea. After all, who doesn’t love mystery and adventure?

Write down clues in neatly written envelopes and scout safe locations in your local community where you can hide them. You need to be careful about not tiring out your participants, so avoid spreading out important locations far apart from each other. You don’t want your community members to get exhausted and give up!

To maintain everyone’s interest, add in random rewards to keep community members going. Have other people test out the riddles in your scavenger hunt before you host it to make sure they aren’t too challenging.

10 Engaging Community Event Ideas For Food Street

Food Street

A food street is an event that will bring people together without fail. It can also be used to generate funds that can go towards helping a local community cause!

Apart from well-known and established food vendors, you can invite local community members who enjoy cooking, to set up their stall. A food street is an opportunity for local small-scale businesses to create brand awareness.

Plenty of planning goes into organizing a community event such as a food street, so make sure that you have ample time to decide on all the details. Above all, make sure that all food vendors meet the requirements for cleanliness and hygiene in dealing with food. You don’t want anyone getting sick!

Farmers’ market

A farmers’ market is an alternative community event idea that you can pull off instead of a food street. Unlike a food street, you can even host this event indoors!

Farmers’ markets help the local economy because local producers are provided with a reliable platform to sell their products and meet the community’s demand for food. This community event is incredibly useful for small communities where food and agriculture are a significant part of the local culture.

Don’t forget to choose an easily accessible location and make sure that you solicit reliable vendors who will not back down near the date of the event.

Theater performance

Lights, camera, and action! Watching local members of your community put on a show can be fun to watch. Community members will think twice about turning down the opportunity to watch a theatrical performance hosted by their loved ones.

You will need to choose a performance that will speak to your community, and perhaps spark discussion about the recent problems in your locality.

To pull off a successful theater performance, you will need a cast, props, a venue for the event itself, a promotional marketing team, a sound operator, and a lighting operator.

Trunk sale

A trunk sale is an environmentally-friendly and sustainable community event that helps keep items into rotation instead of watching them get thrown away.

This community event will allow local community members to purchase items that would otherwise not be readily available on an ordinary day. A trunk sale is all about finding prized gems!

As the host of this trunk sale, you can charge vendors a small fee to set up their stall and use this money to promote this community event.

Escape Room

Hosting an escape room can be a fun and challenging community event idea for residents to escape their mundane daily routine!

Invite community members and divide them into groups of five or six. Leave them in a sealed space with a specific set of clues to figure out how they can escape.

Time how long it takes for each group to free themselves from the escape room. The group which escapes the room quickest wins!


Going once, going twice, and sold! Got intriguing items on your hands? An auction is a perfect opportunity to sell them!

An auction lets community members sell their items for a price that others deem fit. It is a fair and square exchange of money and things that benefit the local economy. An auction is one of those events that will bring people together.

Please note that you will have to set a fixed budget to prevent scams from taking place. A fraction of the proceeds from your auction can be donated to a charitable community cause.

Block party

Let’s wrap up with this list with a classic community event – a block party!

A local park is a fitting location for a massive community event such as a block party, especially if you want to invite as many people as possible. Send out invites as soon as possible with an RSVP request.

10 Engaging Community Event Ideas For Party

As the host, you will have to take care of food, entertainment, and handle any other miscellaneous finances. We recommend that you get down to planning 1 – 2 months early if you want to make the summer memorable with your block party!

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Choosing A Platform For Community Event Ideas
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