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AI in Events: Everything You Need to Know

Technologies are developed to simplify human lives and AI is one of the most prominent technological developments that has taken over the world by storm. It has touched almost every industry on earth including events.

AI in Events: Everything You Need to Know

However, AI is currently in a speculative phase because the impact of AI on human life and different industries is still not clear. So if you are considering to adopt AI event planning, make sure you have the answer to the following questions:

  • Is it the right choice for your events? 
  • Does it have any risks? 
  • How to use AI for events?
  • Is there any alternative to AI? 

Get the answer to all these questions in this blog. If you are interested in using AI in events, read this blog thoroughly to figure out if this is the best option for you.

Ai For Events

What is AI?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the technique that creates machines that replicate human thinking. It can learn new things, process bulk data quickly and easily, identify patterns and make decisions. The best part is that It works much faster than humans.

Some of the most prominent examples of AI technology include:

  • ChatGPT: It is a chatbot that is created by OpenAI and came into existence in 2022.
  • Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri: Both are AI powered applications.

AI in Events

Just like in other industries, AI intervention in the events industry is also prevalent. Artificial intelligence allows event managers to add a personal touch to their events, and manage data.

When it comes to AI in events, it works more than just an automation tool. It helps event organizers make decisions that would create superior and personalized event experiences for their attendees.

Ai For Events Organizers

How is AI being used in events?

AI-driven strategies are being used to accelerate business growth to a great extent. However, to utilize the strengths of AI you need to understand the concept of AI event planning first and know the right techniques to use.

Find out some of the ways AI is being used in the event industry:

  1. Chatbots and virtual assistance: This is one of the most significant areas of events where AI intervention can be seen. AI-based chatbots are now being used to help event attendees solve their queries and get instant information about events. 
  2. Personalizing events with AI: it is said that personalization is the key to successful events. AI thoroughly analyses your attendee data and gives a clear picture of your attendee’s likes, dislikes, and interests. You can utilize this analysis to create personalized event content and offer the best event experiences to your attendees. 
  3. Content creation: Using AI for content writing has become very common nowadays. You can develop various event-related content with AI including social media posts, newsletters, articles, and more. However, you need to make sure that the content you produce using AI passes through Google’s AI detection test.
  4. Virtual and hybrid events: Virtual events can also be conducted with AI as AI helps event organizers handle virtual platforms with ease to make sure that the events run without any obstacles. 
  5. Utilizing resources: it is easy to utilize your event resources with AI in the smartest way. It can take care of your catering services, booth placements, and more.
  6. Predictive analysis: Event organizers can get a rough picture of their events even before the event day with the help of AI. it can predict the number of attendees that can help event organizers utilize their available resources in the best way.
  7. Voice and face recognition: The voice recognition technology offers event attendees freedom from typing or scrolling as they can interact with devices through their voices to get various event-related information. Similarly, face recognition technology provides additional security in events to help event organizers manage privacy protocols.

AI tools for event management

As mentioned above AI technology can be utilized in many ways to handle various event management operations. Find out some of the most popular AI tools that are being used in AI event planning. 

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT received a huge response as soon as it came into the market in 2022. It is an all-purpose text-based AI tool that probably has answers to all your queries. When it comes to events, this AI tool can be used for ideas and inspiration.

You need to share all the details of your event along with your expectations from it to get the right ideas. If you are using ChatGPT for the first time, it may not offer you the most satisfactory results but it gets better with time.

How to use ChatGPT for event management:

  • Seek help from ChatGPT to get new event topics and suitable venues.
  • Make a solid plan for your event to maximize event attendance. 
  • Build content for event marketing, maintain check-in flow and more.

Limitations of ChatGPT:

  • ChatGPT is incapable of handling the actual event management process, it can only give you ideas. 
  • It often gets down.

Pricing structure:

The basic version is free. However, the advanced version costs $20/month per user.

2. ClickUp

Clickup can be a good choice for those who are looking for an all-in-one event planning AI platform. The project management platform offers an AI tool that is built to work as an event planner.

Starting from tracing vendors, selecting venues, and speakers, and finding topics to overall planning events, it has the potential to do everything for you.

How to use ClickUp for event management:

  • Efficiently allocate and manage event tasks. 
  • Note down your event plans and make use of various event planning templates. 
  • Use ClickUp to write event-related content. 
  • Get useful ideas for your next event. 
  • Maintain the list of tasks and track them.

Limitations of ClickUp:

  • ClickUp AI is included in Clickup’s paid plans.
  • First-time users might feel overwhelmed as the tool covers a lot of things.


The price of Clickup AI starts from $7/month per user.

3. Jasper

Jasper works like ChatGPT. The text-based AI helps event managers make useful event content and also contribute to your event marketing efforts. Besides the content part, Jasper can also help you with images with its AI art generator. It offers good quality, royalty-free images. However, you need to prompt it properly to get your desired results.

How to use Jasper for event management:

  • Share your event details with Jasper to get the best ideas for your events. 
  • Get more than 50 templates to generate copies. 
  • Utilize the AI art feature with textual prompts.

Limitations of Jasper:

  • Jasper’s Art generator fails to maintain quality consistency. 
  • Various complaints have been received stating that the tone-matching system does not work always.


Jasper’s AI is available from $39/month for a single user.

4. Marketing CoPilot

As the name suggests Marketing CoPilot is an AI tool that simplifies your event marketing journey. So it is a suitable choice for you if your main objective is to increase the number of attendees in your event.

The AI platform of Marketing CoPilot is developed on ChatGPT and it offers various information on event marketing. It looks after the process of funnel creation, marketing and attendee data management.

How to use Marketing CoPilot for event management:

  • Use the tool for event marketing content creation. 
  • Build content strategy. 
  • As Marketing CoPilot is compatible with Microsoft solutions, if your company is based on Microsoft then it could be a great choice for your events.

Limitations of Marketing CoPilot:

  • Not many reviews of the tool are available of the tool. 
  • The tool focuses more on the marketing activities than on the overall event planning.

To know the pricing structure, you need to contact them.

5. Taskade

Taskade is a multi-purpose AI that can help you with event planning activities as well. It is also a tool that is similar to ChatGPT and it allows you to build content customized to your specific event.

How to use Taskade for event management:

  • Create workflows in minutes. 
  • Get more than 700 in-built automated tasks. 
  • Manage event related task with your team with ease.

Limitations of Taskade:

  • As mentioned above, Taskade is an all-in-one AI tool, not an event-based tool and that is why it does not have some essential event-based features.


The cost of Taskade AI tool starts from $19/month for up to 10 users.

Limitations of AI in events

We all are aware of the power and convenience of AI but do you know it does have some limitations? If you are planning to utilize AI tools for your business then you must know about the limitations that the technology has otherwise you will have to face the consequences.

Limitations Of Ai Events

Find out some of the limitations that AI has and how they may affect your events business before jumping to adopt the modern technology.

1. Lack of creativity in event planning

AI can be extremely helpful in managing events quickly and accurately but it lacks creativity in performing such tasks. It does everything based on data processing whereas humans add creative and emotional elements to every event aspect.

Too much reliance on AI technology can lead to generic and repetitive event themes for which your attendees might lose interest in attending your events.

2. The need for human intervention

To explain this point, we can start with the classic example of AI based cars. Though they can drive it faster it does need human intervention.

Similarly in the event management field also the importance of human involvement can not be denied especially in the areas where personalization and deep understanding are needed.

Here’s why AI needs human help in event management:

  • AI only works based on your instructions. 
  • It fails when it comes to complex decision-making.
  • AI lacks interpersonal skills. 
  • Adaptability.

3. Identifying misinformation

AI is undoubtedly a sophisticated technology but its functionalities can be affected due to the issue of hallucination. Unfortunately, hallucination causes AI to provide wrong information which can be extremely challenging for a company.

Here are the ways AI hallucination affects a company:

  • Miscommunication: The content you create with AI may carry incorrect event details or other information that will ultimately misguide your target audiences. 
  • Reputational damage: Misleading information often damages the reputation of a brand or organization. It becomes worse when stakeholders consider such information false and deceiving.
  • Decision-making issues: Decisions taken based on such incorrect information are bound to be ineffective and irrelevant.

4. Privacy issues in AI event planning

AI is a useful tool for event organizers that allows them to create personalized event content based on attendee data evaluation. However, it does carry some risks and privacy threats with it.

  • AI ethics: If you are using AI for your events, you need to ensure that you maintain transparency on your data usage and information consent policies. Every organization needs to have a privacy-by-design approach to prove that they are following AI ethics. 
  • Data collection privacy risks: As the primary job of AI in events is to collect attendee data to utilize them for the betterment of the events it often raises issues relating to consent, data storage and its proper usage.

5. Expensive

Last but not the list as AI is one of the most advanced technical development that the world is currently witnessing, using it is expensive. A company needs to spend a lot to bear the expenses of various areas that AI covers.

Such expenses include:

  • Hardware and software costs. 
  • Development and maintenance expenses.
  • Hiring professionals and training cost.

Choosing WordPress plugins over AI

AI is truly a powerful weapon to harness the power of event management. However, the risks that it comes with are undeniable and can be seriously harmful for your company reputation. So if you want to avoid such risks or if you do not have much technical knowledge then it is better to stick to WordPress plugins for event management. 

Try WP Event Manager if you are in search of a problem-solver for your event. Starting from adding a calendar to your WordPress site, and managing attendee information to registration and ticket selling everything can be done with the superior WordPress plugin and its premium addons.

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Wrapping up

We hope that the article will help you get a clear idea about the usage of AI in vents. Be careful about the risks associated with AI to utilize it in the best way.

Ai In Events: Everything You Need To Know
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