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Zoom- 1.0.3

Release Notes: Zoom- 1.0.3

In an attempt to make the plugin function better here is the list of added features and improvements in the plugin. Please update the permalink after the version is updated.

Until actually upgrading the plugin, it is often best to take a backup so as not to lose substantial changes that could take a while to fix later.

Please sync the zoom meetings again that were created on the Zoom website after the update.

New Feature

  • The Functionality of Webinars is now integrated with zoom. Now the users can create webinars along with meetings on the plugin.
  • Timezone for individual meetings and webinars are added.


The following Bugs were Fixed:

  • Fixed – Meeting start and end Buttons have been introduced on a single event listing page, instead of just text.
  • Fixed – The meeting countdown, has been fixed, It works upon the timezone of the visitor’s website.
  • Fixed – Meeting Validation has been fixed in terms of entering Minus values. The Duration of the meeting cannot be entered into a negative value.
  • Fixed – Meeting and webinar duration value can be altered according to the plans.


  • Meeting details on a single event listing page now displays with timezone, and End meeting button has been introduced. 


  • We have removed the author enabled link on the Single event listing page from the previous version. 

Important Notice:

Zoom Sidebar is visible to the users only for those who have the Sell ticket plugin and Woocommerce plugin.

The visitors of websites of the Admin who only have registration plugin does not see the countdown timer/ Zoom sidebar.

Zoom- 1.0.3
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